Where do the ashes go once they are in the water?

Cremains (ashes) typically find their way to the warm ocean currents of the northerly traveling Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is the western boundary current of the N. Atlantic and transports significant amount of warm water (heat) poleward.

The core of the Gulf Stream current is about 55 miles wide and has peak velocities greater than 5 knots or 6+ mph.

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  1. Bonnie McInnis

    Interested in spreading my parents ashes. We would want to go out of Wells Maine during summer of 2021. Can you send info on the process, number of people allowed on the boat and cost?

  2. Annette R Raffaele Sellers

    This is for me I am planning ahead cremation. I would like cost for service to have ashes in South Bay area fire island
    Suffolk. I wish to leave instructions for my son. If you have brochures mail it to
    Sellers, 416 oakdale road,NC 27804.
    Thank you

  3. CaptBrad

    will send email

  4. Nancy Hegland

    I am planning arrangements for my husband and I, both retired USAF. We would select Destin Florida for the memorial with military honors. Can you tell me the location of the actual port of departure from Destin Harbor?

  5. Capt Brad

    sending info your way now via email-Capt Brad

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