Ash Scattering Rates

Unattended Ash Scattering at Sea $975.00 + 18% Admin and crew gratuity

An unattended ash scattering ceremony respectfully presided over by the Captain.

Price Includes:

  • Photographic Documentation of the Ceremony
  • Official New England Burials at Sea Certificate
  • Required EPA Permit filing

Add $175 for an additional ash scattering at the same service.

Remotely Attended Ash Scattering at Sea $1,075.00

+ Admin and crew gratuity

+ Admin and crew gratuity

This is an unattended ash scattering at sea that takes place at a scheduled time enabling the captain to set up a ship-to-shore conference call for up to 4 family members to listen to the ash scattering ceremony live. The ceremony includes readings and ceremonial End of Watch ship’s bells.

Price Includes:

  • Photographic Documentation of the Ceremony
  • Official New England Burials at Sea Certificate
  • Required EPA Permit filing (No fee just labor)
  • Burgee Flag Flown during event

Add $175 for an additional ash scattering for another family member at the same service.

Attended Ash Scattering at Sea

For attended ash scattering cruises, we voyage out three + nautical miles to sea, scatter cremated remains with a customized sea tribute service and return to port. Ash Scattering at Sea Ceremonies with Captain’s Service typically take 2.00 hrs portal to portal, longer for larger groups.

Attended Private Ash Scattering Ceremony Rates Include:

  • Official NEBAS sea burial certificate marking the latitude and longitude of your loved ones’ final resting place.
  • Photographic Documentation
  • Required EPA permit filing
  • Burgee Flag flown during event

Rates can vary and based on cruises aboard basic level boats from New England Burials at Sea’s port-of-call Scituate Harbor, Massachusetts and Plymouth Harbor, Massachusetts, and Boston, Massachusetts.  Other departure ports may vary.

Prices vary for other port departure locations, vessel upgrades and seasonal availability.

Add $175 for an additional ash scattering during the same service.

1 – 6 Passengers:             $2,275 – $2,675
7 – 35 Passengers:           $2,675- $2,975 – $3,575. $4,475
36 – 110 Passengers:        $4,575- $8,475
110+ Passengers:             $4,975- $9,975

110 – 400+ Passengers:   (Please inquire.)

Add $175 for an additional ash scattering for another family member at the same service.

*Please add 18% administration fee to our quoted costs for paperwork filings, required permits, security fee, insurance fees, crew charges, light beverages, printed documents, processing charges.

Please inquire about available vessel upgrades on all cruises.

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Unattended Ash Scattering at Sea by Plane

$2,975* for individual private ash scattering at sea by air with Captain’s Service departing from Massachusetts or New Hampshire.

Add $175 for an additional ash scattering at the same service.

*Please add 18% administration fee to our quoted costs for paperwork filings, required permits, security fee, insurance fees, crew charges, light beverages, printed documents, processing charges.

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Pet’s Ashes Scattered at Sea **DISCONTINUED** due to EPA regulations

Unattended Ash Scattering for Pets: $95
Attended Ash Scattering for Pets: Please contact Captain Brad for rates.

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Full Body Burials at Sea Rates

10 – 45 – 90 miles offshore (Approximately 4-6-12 Hours depending on port of departure)

(Rates DO NOT Include the required Atlantic / Pacific ™ Burial Shroud, Funeral Director services or the ballast weights.)

Unattended Full Body Burials at Sea: $9,975.00
Attended Full Body Burials at Sea: $10,975.00

Full Body Burial Shroud

Atlantic / Pacific Sea Burial Shroud

All Full Body Burials at sea use our ocean-friendly burial shroud designed specifically for Full Body Burials at Sea by NEBAS.

$2,495 Standard Shroud 6’- 3”  x 24″ wide by 14″ Tall

$2,450 Military / Veteran Nautical Blue with gold color piping and American Flag Accent

$2,750.00 Oversize Shroud as needed

150 lbs or required Ballast Weights

Traditionally founded cannon balls for weighting the body during Full Body Burials.
(Ballast weight 150 – 165 lbs ) Price: $395.00

Lower cost plate weight option Price $395.00

Optional Underwater Video Deployment Capture Recorder Add $495.00

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Payment options:

Your payment books date, time, vessel, crew, service etc. Prices are firm for 30 days or until booked. We are pleased to hold a specific date for you with a paid reservation.

Performing over 300 at sea events per year keeps us pretty busy so if you and date specific and your date is available when you call us we recommend booking it to ensure our availability.

All reservations have a full change and or cancel provision that we supply you with on booking.  We are very flexible as we have worked with thousands of families over the years and they are all different.

Specifics: If a burial at sea event is planned within thirty days time, full payment is required at time of booking.

If an event is scheduled more than four weeks away, a 50% deposit books your day and time with the remainder due 10 days prior to sailing.

Many folks take advantage of our free $75 rose petal package if you book and pay in full at least 30 days ahead of sailing date and this also guarantees a lock on fuel pricing. Your reservation is fully changeable and cancelable –see your invoice for specific details. 

We accept all credit cards and Pay Pal.  (Your reservation is confirmed on deposit or payment)

Please see your deposit receipt for cancellation policies.

Shipboard Rules & Regulations 2023 Season Policy

While at sea, the captain is the sole authority aboard…At sea leadership is very important for the comfort of passengers and the safe running of a vessel while at sea. Social input is always welcome. The captain will be in command at all times of the vessel. What the captain recommends, happens. We want you to enjoy your voyage.

Restricted Items: What Not to Bring and Not allowed on board: Illegal substances (non prescription drugs or illicit drugs, medical or recreational marijuana (Even of legal-not legal  on the high seas), or weapons of any kind are to be brought aboard the boat. Violators will be returned to the dock immediately and the trip cancelled without refund.


Change Policy:  One schedule date/time change is available at no charge.  Additional schedule changes will be assessed a $150 change fee per change of departure day, time, vessel or port.


Cancellation Policy: Day of sailing 25% refundable, within three days of sailing 35% of deposit is refundable. Within 4-14 days of sailing 50% refundable, within 21 days of sailing 75% refundable, within 30 days of sailing 100% refundable.

Cancel Charges:

All cancellations have a $75 admin fee if paid by credit card and credit card merchant fees can’t be refunded, typically 3.25%.

If an event has been booked, vessel taken out of service for your event with crew assigned a minimum cancel charge for any reason (except for captain’s weather postpone) will incur a $275 cancel charge (Waived if your date / time changes to a date in the future within 365 days from your original booking date)

CHECKS: There will be a $25.00 service charge for any checks returned by the bank. If returned for NSF, you expressly authorize your account to be electronically debited for the amount of the check + fees and the use of your check for payment is your acknowledgement and acceptance of this policy and its terms and conditions.



We will do a final weather check with you 72 hours prior to departure. 

Most all people ask about weather—we get a good read on that 4-5 days prior to your departure and stay in close touch with you in case we need to mutually amend a date or time to allow for mother-nature. Rain is not a problem, heavy wind and or sea conditions could be—we want you to remember the event not the weather so we are careful to make sure that all systems are go about a week before departure so you have the best at sea event as possible.

Your safety and enjoyment at sea is our prime area of focus and responsibility. Should poor weather be forecasted or occur during your charter period, the Captain reserves the right to cancel and/or postpone a sailing for the safety of the passengers and crew. Deposits are 100% refundable in this instance.  If the charter has commenced and poor weather eventually rolls in, a mutually acceptable pro rated cost adjustment share of the total fee will be charged, with a minimum fee of $275.

NEBAS reserves the right to amend, alter or delete these terms at any time.

Any dispute resolution shall be through binding arbitration in Plymouth county, MA, with any and all court, arbitration or attorney fees to be paid by the party for whom enforcement is sought.

The We Promise 100 % SATISFACTION GUARANTEE POLICY: We guarantee your complete satisfaction, if you are not pleased; the Captain will make it right to your liking. We promise!



What is included in our Sea Tributes:

The price includes: the vessel, fuel, taxes, soft drinks, up to two and a half hrs portal to portal if by sea (We go three miles from shore) the steering captain / pilot and our services for the arrangements and sea tribute, six signed and sealed burial certificates, permit filing with the EPA, a suggested order of service (sample sent on deposit) and an “e book” of poems and readings you might like to look through and consider for your sea tribute. We also include an eight-bell end of watch blessing, farewell ship’s horn or cannon fire salute while circling the ocean flower field after the scattering and a Ship’s Burgee.


We include waters and sodas.  You are welcome to bring munchies and beer and wine if you wish. (If the vessel does not have a cash bar aboard please inquire before hand) We recommend leaving spirits at the dock.

Eight-Bells End-of-Watch Blessing

Price: No Extra Charge

Ships Horn

Ceremonial sounding of the ship’s horn while circling flower field.
Price: No Extra Charge

Cannon Salute

10 GA Winchester Cannon “Nautical Salute” send off. One shot is included in North Eastern ports.
Price: $15.00 per additional charge

Not included:

The price does not include, food, flowers, urns, crew gratuity, music (we can help with selections from our sea music library on an IPod for ship’s background sound) and we can create a mix for you for under $100. We also offer a photo show option that goes live online for one year and you can also order DVD’s from it if you wish.  This is a great opportunity to send to relatives and friends that may not be able to make the sea tribute event or to keep in your family album.




Local Clergy: Have a local clergyman on board for service and reading.
Prices Start at: $125 – $300 (Varies upon availability)

Livery Service: Door to shore™ livery service. Town Cars to Executive Coach
Prices vary by Location.

Floral Options

Sea Flower Bouquet

Hand selected loose stems of Hydrangeas & Larkspur & Snap dragons, Lisianthus, Sunflowers, Bells of Ireland, Daisies and Roses, Seasonally available: Iris, Tulips & Asters.
Price: $100


Biodegradable Sea Wreath


An all natural sea wreath hand tied with fresh flowers wound with natural birch. Price: $165

Rose Petals


Hand plucked rose petals from up to long stem roses and you may select a color choice of red, white, yellow, pink or combo of all that may be scattered with the ashes. Price: $75

Ocean Friendly Urns

Biodegradable Water Urns


Biodegradable hand-crafted water urns made specifically for ash scatterings at sea.
Price: $145 – $295

Learn More

Catering & Live Music

Custom iPod Music Mix

A custom mix from our extensive library for your ceremony, including Taps and other ceremony-specific music.
Price: Charged by song or time, typically under $100 for most ceremonies.

Live D/J

Larger groups only. Contact us for Pricing.

Live Bagpipe Music

Bag Pipes for Ash Scatterings at Sea

Local area bagpipers for ash scatterings and full body burials at sea.
Prices Start at: $350 for 2 hours (Varies upon availability)

Learn More


Available upon request. Costs Vary by market but we have pre approved menus that are reasonably priced.

Recommend Crew Gratuity: Discretionary 10-15% gratuity for crew for excellent service if you are more than satisfied.


Video Recording of Unattended Services

Ash Scattering Video: A Basic raw GO PRO footage (sent electronically)  no editing $150.00 or  $185 includes data stick. video documenting an unattended ash scattering at sea service.
Full Body Burial Underwater Video: Underwater video deployment capture recorder  Price: $495.00

Memorial Photo Show  (not avail in 2023 as we retool it)

Presentation on DVD with photos and music includes 100-150 candid photos by a professional photographer, 10 minutes long, synched to music, online access with free downloadable reprints available and one DVD (additional are avail @ $30 each). You can download pictures, post on ITunes, to a Pod Cast, post to Face book, output a MP4 Video, post to a blog and or email to friends and family.  $495.00.

Photo Show “Lite” is also available  with 30-40 event pictures including all of the above for just $250.00. This is a great opportunity to send to relatives that may not be able to make Go pro $150 / with Data Stick $185–Unedited raw event video


Internet Simulcasting- 2023 World-wide access with private internet logins to view the Captain’s Service of the Ash Scattering or Full Body Burial at Sea Ceremony online. Coming this Summer. Price $175.00 via face time and TBD for other off shore (past 3 miles) methods

NEBAS Burial at Sea Certificate Copies

Additional color copies of the burial certificate marking date and coordinates of ash scattering service.

(One certificate included free with every service.)
Price: $6.00 each

Coordinates™ Bracelets

The Coordinates™ Bracelet is custom engraved with the latitude and longitude that marks the location your loved one’s scattering.

Price: $125..00 each (Available with Black or Brown Leather Cord)

Coordinates™ Bracelets can be pre-ordered during service planning or ordered later from our Ship’s Locker.

Coordinates™ Dog Tags & Key Chains

The Coordinates™ Military Style ID Tags are custom engraved on both sides. One side shows the latitude and longitude that marks the location your loved one’s scattering. The other side can be engraved with the name of your loved one and a special message. Available in two sizes: Dog-Tag Large, and Key-Chain Small.

Price: $99.95 ea. (Large) $99.95 (Small) ea.

Coordinates™ Dog Tags and Key Chains can be pre-ordered during service planning or ordered later from our Ship’s Locker.

Nautical Memory Chart (back on line with new vendor in Mid 2023)

Our exclusive custom Nautical Memory Chart™ authenticates your loved one’s Sea Burial location with a museum quality print suitable for framing.

The detailed chart shows the exact region, latitude, longitude, date and depth to document the sea burial and is helpful for future anniversary cruises to the same exact location.  (Not to be used solely for navigation).

Conveniently sized at 11” x 14” for easy framing, this official NOAA nautical chart shows the exact sea burial committal area location with or without your loved one’s photograph in the center of the compass rose or inlaid as a vignette.

Styles available:

Compass Rose Sample of teh Nautical Memory Chart
Standard Compass Rose
$100 each (Framing not included) Qty 4: $350 – Qty 12: $895
Compass Rose with Photo sample of the Nautical Memory chart
Compass Rose with Inlayed Photograph
$110 each (Framing not included)
Qty 4: $390
Qty 12: $1015

Please allow two weeks for detailed customization with standard delivery.

Nautical Memory Charts can be pre-ordered during service planning or ordered later from our Ship’s Locker.

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Eight Bells “End of Watch” Flag Burgee

Eight bells traditionally signaled the end of one’s watch aboard ship and was used ceremonially to signified the deceased sailor’s end of watch at sea.

Unframed Flag Burgee: $75

Eight Bells Burgees can be pre-ordered during service planning or ordered later from our Ship’s Locker.

Learn More About the Eight Bells End of Watch Flag Burgee…