The passing of a sailor is marked with the ringing of eight bells and the beginning of another. The ringing of bells also signified the end of one’s watch while at sea.

With the end of the watch, eight bells are sounded and the sailor was relieved. All watches follow the routine schedule except for the two Dog Watches. The first Dog Watch sees only four bells sounded at its end and the Second Dog Watch is finished with eight.

Our eight bell end-of-watch yacht burgee flag represents that long held new beginning tradition with the passing of our friend.

We offer the Ship’s Burgee in two styles, mounted and unmounted.


  • Material: 400 DENIER NYLON
  • Method: APPLIQUED
  • UV INHIBITOR – Prevents fading
  • SEPARATE BINDING – Applied to the edges to increase longevity
  • POLYURETHANE COATING – Protects and seals threads, Border: Red border

Mounted and delivered $197.50 + tax (if shipped to MA) (Not avail until 5/1/22)


Flag Size: 12″ x 18”, Frame Size: 16” x 21”. Name Plate (Describes History of the eight bells) included.

Frame color options-Black, Cherry or Walnut—we use a neutral matt color


Burgee (Without Frame or Mount)


burge-unmounted burgee-couple

Flag size: 12″ x 18”

 $75.00 Delivered + tax (If shipped to MA)