We know there are lots of questions–hopefully this website will answer most from them–if not please do contact us.

We offer year round, cost effective, attended or unattended traditional ash scattering memorial cruises and complete full body casket free using our Atlantic & Pacific Sea Burial Shroud™ for Eco Friendly Sea Burials per USCG regulations, presided over by the captain, and for a full body burial at sea a funeral director is required for full body committals. We serve all faiths with personalized services from coast to coast..

Please see our recent 30 second spot here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oeDIJsP250

We are USCG licensed, properly insured, based out of Marshfield, MA, operate from Maine to Miami and from San Diego to Seattle, departing from over 41 ports with 84 different properly equipped vessels.

The most important part of your planning process is to know that:

  • From your first phone call until we return you safely to the dock, our crew attends and runs each and every event at sea — with you each step of the way.
  • WE DON’T intentionally leave you at the dock to figure it out with a part time confused boat captain like some gypsy want-to-be burial at sea providers always do.
  • Our cost may be slightly different and we provide a whole lot more.
  • Thousands of family members who have traveled with us most often say that they received a lot more than they expected and the event was flawless.
  • For more info on what to look out for, please see:
    What to be careful of in selecting a burial at sea provider

For the scattering of cremated remains,
We voyage out the required three nautical mile line. During your family’s personalized sea tribute service, your loved one’s cremated remains are scattered by the family on an outbound tide. We then return safely to port. (No funeral director is required)

For a Full Body Burial at Sea
Attending with us, as required, is a suitably licensed funeral director to oversee the care and custody of the body until final interment during the at-sea event.

We depart from port and journey to an ocean depth of 100 fathoms (600+ feet) as required by EPA and Naval regulations. That equates to 4-85 miles off shore, depending on port of departure. For comfort and safety traveling this distance off shore, we use a US Coast Guard-inspected vessel of at least 75’ in length. We have many convenient choices of nautical fit and finish available on each coast.

We are not Funeral Directors, but regularly recommend Sea Burial Certified™ participating funeral directors near you from over 500 skilled participants across the USA who can easily discuss your pre- or at-need plan details. Their costs are not included here. One call does it all toll free (877) 897-7700 to learn more