Many client families have either a commercial, military or sport enthusiast pilot in the family who loved flying. New England Burials at Sea now offers ash scattering over the sea by airplane, to help bring closure to families who wish to honor their loved ones with final flight.  We have three planes from which to choose–departing Plymouth, MA, Mansfield, MA and NH.

Rather than scatter the ashes over miles of ocean, we employ “geo-targeting” to scatter them in a relatively small area which allows loved ones to view the ashes being scattered at specific coordinates that can later be referenced to visit the area later on a memorial cruise if desired. The coordinates of the ash scattering area can also be used on our Coordinates Bracelets and Coordinates Tags as cherished mementos.

Air Scattering Ashes with Geo Targeting
Cremated remains are scattered with geo-targeting over a small area.

To see what our geo-targeting of cremated remains from an airplane looks like, view the video of a client’s cremated remains at 57 seconds on the hand held video taken below (Over the Isle of Shoals, NH)

Ash Scatterings by Plane
Capt Brad White (left) and Pilot Ev Cassagneres (Right)

This particular memorial ash scattering was provided by a specially fitted 1953 high wing Cessna airplane piloted by the late decorated Korean War veteran Ev Cassagneres of Connecticut, a pilot with over 65 years of flight experience who personally knew Charles Lindbergh and his family. Pilot Cassagneres has developed a special in flight procedure for an all-at-once unattended scattering of cremated remains that can be geo-targeted over coordinates selected by the family.  Today we use the same technology in every plane we use.

Pilot Steve Goyette of Massachusetts has been flying for over 35 years and often flies his authentic military low wing airplane, a North American L – 17 War Bird, from Rhode Island to Maine. An accomplished pilot, Goyette is equipped to fly passengers alongside any plane to witness the scattering of their loved one’s ashes.

Attendees can watch from a boat or shore location near the intended flight scattering path. As it flies over, the plane dips it’s wings in a respectful final salute, and maintains full radio contact with the boat or ground so the family can hear the pilot’s reading of the final Captain’s prayer.

Viewing an Ash Scattering by Air
Passenger-ready vintage military aircraft lets people watch the ash scattering from the air.

NEBAS is the best known company in the nation for sea burials that uses only properly insured and licensed captains and clean, safe and up to date vessels. We are the best fully licensed and insured professional air scattering operation in the U.S., and the only one in New England, using a precise method of ash scattering by air

Please Contact our office for pricing.

 FAQ’s for airplane scatterings

Can I come along?: Due to the precise nature of our geo targeting of cremated remains, we need room to move in the cabin / cockpit. Typically no, but if required we can use a larger aircraft and YES. You absolutely can met us on the tarmac to meet, greet and convey your loved one’s cremated remains, flowers and any musical selections. We actually recommend that as it gives families great comfort in saying so long to their family member.

Air Scattering At Sea

To see what our geo targeting of cremated remains from an airplane looks like, view the video of a client’s cremated remains at 57 seconds on the hand held video taken below (Over the Isle of Shoals, NH)

Do you have references? We sure do and are happy to share them from Funeral home recommendations to individual family recommendations. Please inquire.

Are you licensed? Yes in the maritime and aircraft industries

Rates: What is included in the price? Plane Captain, Crew and Sea Burial /Air Burial tribute service, six certificates, EPA permits and filing of same. (More optional see price sheet).

Where do you go to scatter? Three Miles to sea as required by the EPA, USCG and Navy.

How do I tip the crew? No need, the crew gratuity is included in your admin fee for attention to detail and outstanding service, thank you.

Can you offer a military honor guard, bagpiper, bugler or all three? Yes and we frequently do that.

Can the family help decide where to scatter the ashes? You bet, please consult with the captain on you agreed flight plan before departure

Can you play music on CD or cassette or iPod? You bet—we have a portable system and we also have available an optional bagpiper or bugler -notice is required for scheduling and/or Military Honor guard if the decedent qualifies with an honorable discharge.

Can we take pictures and or video? Yes and we encourage it and the captain will take a family shot for you if you wish and combine in an online photo show for slight additional cost. Optional: We use award winning photographers who can out together a very nice 3-5 minute photo show with music.

Where do we meet the plane: For attended events, please inquire for your point of departure-we will send you driving directions via email. Arrive 30 minutes prior to departure. We suggest casual attire.

Is It legal to scatter cremated remains? Yes it is in all coastal states and we also file papers with each scattering with the State EPA office in the region of the scattering as required by law at the completion of our voyage including GPS coordinate of the place, time and depth.

Can we scatter closer to shore on the way in or later? You can keep some of the cremated remains if you wish. Not all have to be disbursed at the three mile limit at the same time.

Ash Scattering by Air

Reservation Details: Payment reserves the plane / necessary crew for your date & receipt of deposit money acknowledges POLICY acceptance.

Cancellation Policy: Day of departure 25% refundable, within three days of departure 35% of deposit is refundable. Within 4-14 days of departure 50% refundable, within 21 days of departure 75% refundable, within 30 days of departure 100% refundable

Some Cremation Scattering Methods

Where does the plane scatter? We can “geo target” any particular selected area based on wind and weather conditions.

The Captain is pleased to perform a short maritime ceremony in the tarmac (we will provide past samples of maritime services for review before hand) and family and friends are encouraged to share readings, poems or music.

Flowers or an ocean friendly wreath both work well as they float on the water creating a flower field to mark the location for us to circle. Families can also come back to visit the exact spot on a future anniversary date.

Where do the cremated remains go once they are in the water? Cremated remains typically find their way to the warm ocean currents of the northerly traveling Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is the western boundary current of the N. Atlantic and transports significant amount of warm water (heat) pole ward. The core of the Gulf Stream current is about 55 miles wide and has peak velocities greater than 5 knots or 6+ mph. They will travel the world’s ocean currents forever.

WEATHER POLICY: Everyone’s safety is our prime area of focus and responsibility. Should poor weather be forecasted or occur during your charter period, the Captain reserves the right to cancel and/or postpone a voyage for the safety of the passengers and crew. Deposits are 100% refundable in this instance. If the charter has commenced and poor weather eventually rolls in, a mutually acceptable pro rated cost adjustment share of the total fee will be charged, with a minimum fee of $250.

The We Promise 100 % SATISFACTION GUARANTEE POLICY: We guarantee your complete satisfaction, if you are not pleased; the Captain will make it right to your liking. We promise!

Who can I call if I have any questions and want to book? Contact our booking office Toll Free at (877) 897.7700, cell: (617) 966.1986 or by e-mail at

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