Historically Ships used the tradition of a burial at sea due to the lack of having proper means to bury Sailors.
Today The at sea ceremony for cremated remains or full body burials is one of the highest honor and respect paid to former service members or civilians. Our at sea events are dignified, memorable and affordable.

Burial at Sea Tributes from
Maine to Miami & San Diego to Seattle.

Beautiful,  Respectful,  Memorable,  Affordable

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The ocean peace and tranquility have brought enlightenment and comfort to mankind for centuries. Eternally changing, forever enduring, the world’s oceans are a final resting place to countless generations.

We offer attended or unattended year round memorial cruises for traditional ash scatterings or complete full body (casket free) eco friendly sea burials per USCG regulations, presided over by the captain, your clergy or representative of your choosing (Funeral directors are required for full body burials, not for ash scatterings) . Serving all faiths with personalized services.

Typical Vessel size from 30 to 65 Feet for up to 50 passengers and up to 100’- 125’ for up to 400 passengers.  Departure Port locations vary due to size of charter party so please inquire.

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Hear Captain Brad Talk About Burials at Sea

Burials at sea offer many meaningful ways to celebrate the lives of our loved ones. Hear Captain Brad in a radio interview talking about burials at sea with Rob Hakala on The South Shore’s Morning News, WATD 95.9 FM. Open Audio

Want to learn more about Burials at Sea?

Visit the Education and Outreach section of our Ship’s Blog and look for upcoming Burials at Sea Seminars in your area.

A Message from New England Burials at Sea Founder, Captain Brad White.

End of watch
End of Watch for Elmer Pooler, Scituate Harbormaster

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New England Burials at Sea upgrades At-Sea-Scattering to Assist Families with Planning MARSHFIELD, MA – Captain Brad White, founder of New England Burials at Sea LLC (NEBAS) headquartered in Marshfield, MA announced that... Read More

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