Contact New England Burials at Sea.

Contact Captain Brad or our booking office with any questions or to schedule an ash scattering or full body burial at sea.

We look forward to hopefully being of service to you and your family.

The best way to contact us during peak season (May-Sept) is:

Email: Att: Capt. Brad
Call: 781-834-0112
Fax: 781-834-0113

We do not conduct business via texting or any social media because we can’t log it in to archive it later.  With the volume of our inbound calls, we work hard to keep your details in a prescribed order for fast retrieval.

For a Same-Day answer— Please provide your: Full name, US mail address, Tel #, departed name and DOB / DOD, desired port of departure, # of expected passengers, approximate date range of departure.

Incomplete information can delay your request answers for 5-7 days.

Upon receipt, we will then send within a few hours a complete email package for your departure region of choice, accurate pricing, inclusions and any exclusions.

If you like what you see and wish to reserve, we can then look at available dates for you as availability changes hourly.

We hope you find our robust website informative and we look forward to sending you our informative email info pack.
Thank you for your interest in our Sea Burial programs.

Capt. Brad