During the “Age of Sail”, which New England played a significant role, burials at sea developed into a solemn ritual born from the necessity of shipboard life and a kinship felt by all persons who called the see work and home. New England Burials at Sea continues to respect the tradition and kinship of all those who love the ocean by providing Ash Scattering Ceremonies and Full Body Burials at Sea across the country.

Burials at SeaNew England Burials at Sea offers a variety of Burial at Sea Services:

Ash Scatterings at Sea
Full Body Burials
Military Sea Tributes
Ash Scatterings over the Ocean by Plane
Memorial Cruises to the Coordinates of Past Burial at Sea Services..wE also offer the memorial Coordinates Collection of bracelets and dog tags showing the exact location of your loved one’s burial at sea.  (See on Ship’s locker page)

We also offer Travel, Hotel and Transportation Concierge Services to those traveling to the Boston area for burial at sea services.

All burial at sea services can be custom-tailored to the family’s wishes, customs and requests.

New England Burials at Sea works with licensed funeral directors on both coasts and comes recommended by many of the oldest and respected funeral homes across the country.

With a variety of vessels on both coasts, New England Burials at sea can provide ash scattering services and full body burials at sea for 6 – 400 passengers.

More Information:

Ash Scatterings and Full Body Burials approved per USCG and EPA regulations. Learn more on our FAQ Page.

A variety of options to choose from, including live bag piper, bio-degradable urns, ocean friendly wreaths, etc… Learn more on our Options and Rates Page.

Digital photography that can be made into photo online and DVD journals of your sea tribute. Learn more on our Options and Rates Page.

Ports we depart from can be seen on our Locations Page.

Fully insured by Funeral Homes, Vessel Insurance and Operator’s Liability Insurance