There are Many Reasons to Have a Will

Our estate planning friends at Surprenant & Beneski, PC have posted a helpful article on why everyone should have a will along with tips to getting your estate plan started.

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last will parchment“Prince did not leave a will and many, many relatives showed up to stake a claim. Not having a will can create some difficult situations for your loved ones and some of them are not expected, according to Arizona Central in “Here’s why you don’t want to die without leaving a will.” For example, in Arizona, an estate creditor…

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  1. stephen crawford

    Good morning,

    I’m very interested in your services. At this time I am in good health and 69 years old, but I understand the need for planning. I have always wanted my ashes to be scattered at sea. I spent many years living in the Newburyport, Ma. area including a few years on Plum Island.
    I noticed that you sail from Plum Island and would definitely want to use your services.
    I am presuming a cremation and memorial service in the area and wanted to get an idea of the time frame needed by your company.
    I have yet to identify a crematorium. How do I go about planning and making a reservation with you? Would my family simply arrive with my ashes at a pre-established time? How much lead time do you require? I look forward to hearing back.

    Many thanks,
    Stephen Crawford.

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