Kim and Rebecca L.

June 2009 Capt Brad and Crew Thank you so much for the exceptional treatment that you have given my family. We can not begin to tell you how much easier you have made this process for us.  You have our sincere … Read More


Captain Brad , I want to extend a very sincere thank you.  Despite the weather, the memorial yesterday was far beyond our expectations.  You and the crew did a terrific job of organizing the ceremony and answering everyone’s questions.  My … Read More

Frank M.

Brad, Thanks to you for a great day… Robin and the entire family could not have been more pleased with everything. Regards, -Frank McFadden

Temple S.

Hi Brad, Thank you for everything. We were so happy to have found the perfect way to say goodbye to our Dad. He was so talented, spanned so many decades from the 20′s to the new millenium, that we wanted … Read More

Linda Z.

Brad, Everyone was thoroughly pleased with yesterday’s events, even Leo who “has no use” for boats or the water and Auntie Jo who was very apprehensive about getting on a boat were very happy with how everything went. Thank you … Read More

Au Family

Dear Brad, Thank you for assisting us in bringing my grandfather to his resting place. We really enjoyed the service and I think my grandfather would’ve too. We loved your hospitality on board and we thought it was very nice … Read More

Jan D.

Dear Captain Brad, My Family and I just want to thank you for everything you did which helped make my mother’s ash scattering so memorable. The day was perfect, seas were calm, the boat – gorgeous, and the service impeccable. … Read More

Mrs. Robert Haufler

…and when you look at the water, you will always see me. -Long time family friend Mrs. Robert Haufler,

Tracy G. & Family

Dear Capt Brad, As I scattered my mom’s ashes into the water, I had such a sense of my duties being brought to a close…. So for us to be able to literally take our mum home, and to return … Read More

Gail G.

September, 2009 Captain Brad,  Just wanted to say thank you to you too.  This was a first for all of us and the service was beautiful. I told my family and friends how beautiful everything was and that that’s how I … Read More

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