Tracy G. & Family

Boston, MA |

Dear Capt Brad,

As I scattered my mom’s ashes into the water, I had such a sense of my duties being brought to a close…. So for us to be able to literally take our mum home, and to return her to the place that she so loved…wasn’t just a celebration of her life. It was an act of healing for our own.

My mum had been sick for some time and I had cared for her at home, by myself. It had been a difficult time, and I was struck by the sense of release that I felt, and feel still.

We especially appreciated your easy accommodation of our family’s special needs. My nephew is still talking about having taken the wheel; it did wonders for his ego at a time when he sorely needed it.

Really, we just had a wonderful day, on a number of levels, and we thank you again for your sensitivity, skill and patience.


-Tracy G. & Family