San Diego Sea Burial Certification Cruise Announced


New England Burials at Sea LLC., and Ashes on the Sea

Announce 2nd annual San Diego Sea Burial Certification™ Sunset Bay Cruise scheduled for July 22/23, 2015

MARSHFIELD, MA and San Diego, CA – New England Burial at Sea LLC (NEBAS) continues to expand its brand across the USA with San Diego’s Ashes on the Sea to offer affordable, individualized and personal Full Body Burials at sea on the West Coast with Ashes on The Sea (AOTS).

NEBAS is the best known company in the U.S. for full body sea burials expanded into the west coast in 2014 with AOTS.  Both companies use only properly insured and current U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) licensed captains and vessels who have been Sea Burial Certified™ by NEBAS.

The 2015 program updates will happen on board during an at sea sunset San Diego Bay cruise event on July 22/23, 2015 from 5:45 PM – 8 PM.  Reservations are required for the no charge invite event aboard the 65 foot yacht ‘Fantasea’ where the program will be presented while cruising around San Diego Bay with light refreshments and hors d’oeuvres.  To get a VIP invite aboard please contact either company below.

Pictures from last year’s event are below:

NEBAS founder Captain Brad White said, “Last year’s event was sold out, a smashing success as we met and sea burial certified over 20 firms in southern california during the event and each participant walked away with their certificate and an official eight bell end-of-watch burgee yacht flag.

AOTS founders Ken and Anya Shortridge, owners of Ashes on the Sea said, “many additional funeral homes and crematories called us to sign up for and participate in our next available sailing and training program so July 2015 it is.  AOTS is also excited to expand their services working with Captain Brad White and NEBAS to include whole body burials in San Diego using the Pacific Sea Burial Shroud®”, said AOTS co-founder Capt Ken Shortridge

About Ashes on the Sea: Ashes on the Sea is a family owned and operated business serving the West Coast and licensed by the State of California since 1997 to perform sea scatterings. Rated 100% from the State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, the company has always been in compliance.  Since burial at sea is our specialized service, the company prides itself on the attention to detail given to family clients doing it the proper way

In 2010 NEBAS launched with great success its well-received funeral home Sea Burial Certification® program to qualifying funeral homes from Maine to Miami by offering no cost in funeral home training complete with a short qualification quiz which when passed will earn the funeral home immediate referrals on “pre” and “at” need clients, website zip code new client push technology as well as point of purchase selling  tools.  AOTS will then arrange all of the maritime planning required as they work closely with 20 funeral homes and are adding more.  NEBAS also speaks at many regional and national funeral director association meetings most recently being in Dallas and New York City.

For full body burials, the company voyages out with family and friends at least three nautical miles and to 600+ feet of ocean depth off shore and the family can participate by gently lowering their loved ones intact remains using our ocean friendly and exclusive Pacific Sea Burial Shroud® made by Navy Veteran sail makers in Massachusetts for eco-friendly full body committals.  “Made in the USA is what people want and really demand” said Capt White.

Captain Ken Shortridge reiterated from his last year’s presentation , “Working with NEBAS gives us both a huge opportunity as we will be the only full body burial at sea provider on the west coast who offers suitable vessels that are properly licensed and insured to take the family along, an option that the US Navy or other smaller operations do not provide.  We are also licensed in the state of California as a Cremated Remains Disposer and this new full body option makes sense as we are the growing leader on the west coast for scatterings.”

About NEBAS: New England Burials At Sea LLC, (NEBAS) offers burial at sea scatterings and eco-friendly full body sea burials, serving families from Maine to Florida and on the West Coast for groups from 1 to 400 people since 2006. They are recognized by the EPA, US Navy, U.S.C.G. and many area funeral homes and crematories. Scatterings are also offered via vintage airplanes from New Jersey to Maine and the company has also started offering Viking style sea burials for cremated remains and full bodies.

To request a reservation invitation contact eihter company below by the July 7, 2015 the cut off date. (If not sold out before)

For more information visit, call toll free New England Burials At Sea, Capt. Brad White at 877-897-7700 or direct (781) 834-7500, email, or contact Ashes on the Sea Founder Capt Ken Shortridge at 858-277-2799.,

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