Press Release: Captain Brad White Joins MLS Property Information Network

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Marshfield Hills, MA) February 15, 2016

Brad White, Sales Agent for Eagle River Realty, LLC of NY and MA is a Premium member of National Land and Farm and a Platinum member of Lands Of America giving exposure for his listings on over 575 websites. Brad has recently added to his portfolio by joining the MLS Property Information Network.

MLS PIN is the largest MLS in New England and covers approximately 90% of the state of Massachusetts, as well as areas of Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Participation in the service will allow White the benefit of sharing listings with approximately 27,500 real estate professionals throughout New England, as well as instant access to a database of more than 55,000 properties for sale. Participation also means access to more than one million off-market listings, assessment tax roll, and deed transfers.

Other significant benefits include listing updates every two hours to the national real estate site®, real-time property matches to buyers and sellers, syndication to local and national websites.

White hails from the south shore of Boston, MA and is an active business entrepreneur, licensed real estate agent and commercial on water operator.

Captain Brad White
Capt. Brad White Pictured below in Florida.
Photo Credit: Jessica Leigh Photography


White said, “Being brought up on the south shore gives me a laser sharp edge on helping first time and seasoned buying clients to locate and secure their most desirable home based on their lifestyle as well as aiding sellers in marketing their property to local, national and international clients through our marketing program with access to over 500,000 listings nationwide.”

Brad has a B.S. in Management from Ithaca College, NY and London England, USCG Licensed Master Captain, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Boston, Citizens Academy Graduate and has over thirty five years of experience in consumer goods and services in the USA and abroad as former Director of Business Development, Sharper Image Corporation, San Francisco, CA. Founder of New England Burials at Sea LLC, White Cap Charters LLC and Midnight Pass Inc.

Brad’s personal interests include boating, competitive sailing, big game fishing, skiing, snowshoeing & photography.

Contact info:

Brad White – MA Licensed Real Estate Sales – Eagle River Realty

PO Box 489, 149 Old Main St, Marshfield Hills, MA 02051

Marshfield@aol.com781-834-7500 Direct (Cell), 781-834-0112

Office: 781-834-0113 FAX,

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  1. Jobie

    Please tell us your connection to the above “Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Boston” since you so state in writing there must be such a connection no matter how. Insignificant, minor or inferior Any name, your position, your responsibilities, your supervisor, anything, anyone, any person, i.e., anything at all no matter how slight – hello?

  2. eugene jobie steppe

    I’m doing a story on your life, so any info about your connection to the FBI would certainly add interest to what I’m about to report to your friends, family, community and all those captains you claim will assist you on the East Coast, The Gulf of Mexico and the West Coast of the U.S…

    That white uniform you wear, and those patches look very important. Could you reflect upon them as you appear to be a high-ranking admiral or aircraft commander or are those an indication of being in a hot zone, battle zone or armed conflict. I want to get it right for you as you’ve become our hero and I’m going to do everything possible to see you get what you deserve. About a year or so ago when I made contact with many folks in your community I did uncover a ton about you that most people never realized and they, or about a dozen or so fed me a ton of data, but I’ve been so busy with burials I didn’t have time to lionize what you’re made out of. Such an exciting personality, facing the elements, helping the aged, being a friend to many giving them comfort in their time of need, and those who grieved for their dogs, cats, lizards and dead animals. Who you took the time to bury at sea along with dead humans. You are indeed my hero and I appreciate your comment recently, so I have this need to repay the favor and I’m endlessly go to get you to a position you’ve never anticipated, I promise, so get ready Brad as the flood gate is being opened and I’m excited, aren’t you?. And You don’t have to pay me a dime, your friend and admirer Jobie.

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