New for 2014: “Cap Chats” Series

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CapChats-Hat150New England Burials At Sea® and Ashes on The Sea in San Diego are pleased to announce their new, “Cap Chats – 14 part / One minute each videos” of the helpful new 2014 Burial At Sea planning and educational video series created by two licensed USCG Master Captains to help assist families in their decision making of how to honor their loved one’s final sea burial wishes. Topics range from how to select a provider, types of available services, how to scatter, seniors and children aboard, safety at sea, weather planning, costs, unusual requests and more.

Captains Brad White and Ken Shortridge

Chapter # and Topics

1) Intro to selecting a sea burial provider

2) What to look for in a sea burial provider?

3) How long in advance should I plan?

4) Boat size for each family?

5) When should we decide to scatter?

6) What Types of services are available?

7) Ways to scatter cremated remains

8) Seniors Boarding “Sit and Spin”

9) Children Aboard Part 1

10) Children aboard part two-Projects

11) Weather Planning

12) Safety At Sea

13) Most unusual requests!

14) East Coast Pricing

Future Chapters in Production:

Visit to see the next chapters when available

  • Rules and Regulations (Federal and State)
  • Full Body Burials and what you need to know
  • Living Reef Systems – How do they work?

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