New England Burials at Sea, Sea Burial Certifies 2019 summer semester students at Fine Mortuary College in Norwood, MA

Funeral Training and Certification

MARSHFIELD, MA (June 6, 2019) – Capt. Brad White-Founder of NEBAS reported that 23 students from the Fine Mortuary College’s 2019 summer academic year participated in the NEBAS Sea Burial Certification program™ offered to Colleges, Universities, Associations and multi-unit funeral homes by NEBAS.

Sea Burial CertifiedCapt. White said, “This summer the class took a great interest in our 2019 training and certification program so they could immediately use the newly acquired knowledge about sea burials and bring that info back to their funeral homes for family client offerings. Students learned about the do’s, don’ts, best methods and practices of scatterings and intact sea burials by both boat and airplane.”

FINE program director Sarah A. Stopyra added, “Captain Brad White’s presentation is always one of the most captivating and informative for our students in the course “Issues and Concerns of a Modern Funeral Service Professional.” This course investigates the changing face of funeral service and the many unique options available to families in our modern world. Students leave the class thoroughly informed of sea burial options and the legality surrounding this unique form of disposition. We are grateful for our continued collaboration with New England Burials at Sea®, helping us to bring to our students the most relevant, forward thinking options in the industry.

About Fine Mortuary College: FINE Mortuary College, LLC: A Private Two-Year College (FMC) trains tomorrow’s funeral industry leaders. FMC provides excellent academic and practical experience that leads to an accredited Associate of Applied Science in Funeral Service degree.

For more info about FINE contact: Sarah A. Stopyra – Program Director FINE Mortuary College, LLC – 150 Kerry Place – Norwood, MA 02062 – p: 781.619.0232
f: 781.762.7177-

About NEBAS: New England Burials at Sea® (NEBAS) is the largest USCG licensed USA provider for customized ash scatterings at sea and full body sea burials serving families from all cultures and creeds on both coasts of the USA for groups up to 400 people since 2006. Based in Marshfield Hills, MA, the company operates year-round departing from over 73 ports with 86 different vessels that are clean and current with the latest safety gear with personalized and affordable services. They are recognized by the EPA, US Navy, U.S.C.G. and over 2,300 funeral homes and crematories across America. Many funeral homes have taken advantage of their Sea Burial Certified™ training programs on best methods and practices while at sea.

At sea events include a memorable at sea tribute that families participate in including an eight-bell end of watch yacht burgee blessing with a ten-gauge cannon salute as the ship circles the flower field. Included is an official ship’s parchment sea burial certificate marking the coordinates of the decedent’s final resting place with many more options to choose from.

The company also created, designed and manufactures the ocean friendly Atlantic and Pacific Sea Burial Shroud™ for full body burials at sea.

For more information, training program info or images, visit, call toll free New England Burials At Sea, Capt. Brad White at 877-897-7700 or direct (781) 834-7500, email

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