NEBAS Sea Burial Certifies FINE Mortuary College Spring 2017 Class

For immediate release: 3/23/2017

New England Burials at Sea LLC

Sea Burial Certifies FINE Mortuary College-Spring 2017 Class


Burial At Sea Certified Class Of 2017

DATELINE:  Marshfield MA…New England Burials At Sea LLC (NEBAS), headquartered in Marshfield, MA, the nation’s best known sea burial provider recently conducted its 14th sea burial certification training session at the Fine Mortuary College in Norwood, MA.

“Each and every year the FINE Mortuary semi annual training class on sea burials continues to grow and empower the student’s participation at their home base funeral locations and I am pleased that we are spreading this best practice program to as many funeral professionals as we can”, said U.S. Coast Guard-licensed Captain Brad White, founder of (NEBAS).

NEBAS is the largest insured and USCG licensed USA provider for customized ash scatterings at sea , via air and full body burials at sea serving families from all cultures and creeds on both coasts of the USA for groups up to 400 people since 2006. NEBAS is recognized by the EPA, US Navy, U.S.C.G. and over 1,500 funeral homes and crematories across America.

About NEBAS: Based in Marshfield, MA, for more than a decade, NEBAS has provided customized ash scatterings at sea or via air and full body burials at sea and serves families from all cultures and creeds on both coasts of the USA.  NEBAS operates year-round from Maine to Miami and from San Diego to Seattle, departing from over 73 ports with 86 different vessels that are clean, current with the latest safety gear with personalized and affordable services.

NEBAS also created, designed and manufactures the ocean friendly organic Atlantic and Pacific Sea Burial Shroud™ for full body burials at sea.

Capt. White added, “Cremation across the country will increase to a whopping 78 percent in 2035 according to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) announcement at their recent annual international convention.”

“Today’s funeral director frequently fields family requests for alternative final disposition methods for their loved one’s cremated remains and the ocean offers a proper and dignified opportunity for eternal world wide travel,” said White.

In addition, White said, “The earth consists of two thirds water and so do our bodies.  A scattering at sea is the natural next step to one’s final wish for disposition, especially since 175 million Americans live within 10 miles of the water.  Many people tell us that they want the energy of their body (cremated remains are sterilized minerals) to go back into the ocean.”

Bill Werner, instructor at FINE Mortuary College said, “Our students find this in-class training informative, timely and an important part of their curriculum. Learning about sea burials as another option for disposition is a valuable asset for these future funeral directors to be aware of as they care for their client families.  Capt White’s program has been invaluable in outlining the laws, regulations and best practices for all types of sea burials.”

Sea Burial Certified™ training promotes general sea burial equivalency enabling a funeral director to properly describe and present sea burial options to a family with the basic understanding of EPA and USCG rules, laws & regulations while following proper sea burial protocols in accordance with common sense, safety and family sensitivity.

Additional 2017 Sea Burial certification sessions are scheduled for this summer with the Dallas Institute, NH and MD Funeral Directors associations and this fall with the annual NFDA convention in Boston – October 2017.

About: FINE Mortuary College, LLC: Since 1996, FINE has trained mortuary science students in the business, environmental and health aspects of the funeral industry. The FINE curriculum trains funeral professionals in contemporary business practices, sensitivity in dealing with bereaved persons and the processes involved with handling human remains. FINE’s campus in Norwood, Massachusetts features classroom, hands-on lab and mortuary display and museum facilities. FINE is a two year private college that provides education and practical training in funeral and mortuary services. Successful completion of the program leads to the Associate in Applied Science in Funeral Service degree.

For more information on NEBAS, Please visit:, 149 Old Main St, PO Box 489, Marshfield Hills, MA, 02051-0489, Capt. Brad White at Direct: (781) 834.0112, cell: (617) 966.1986, toll free (877) 897.7700, email:

For more information on FINE, Please visit FINE Mortuary College, 150 Kerry Place Norwood, MA 02062, Phone: 781-762-1211, FAX: 781-762-7177, Email:


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