NEBAS Expands to Meet Green Burial Demand

Funeral Home News December 12, 2010

New England Burials At Sea LLC expands services, boats and people as the demand for Green Burial Increases

Captain Brad WhiteMARSHFIELD,MA— Capt. Brad White, founder of New England Burials At Sea (NEBAS), now offers affordable, personal memorial ash scattering and full body burials at sea services from Maine to Miami. Recognized by the EPA, US Navy, USCG and many area funeral homes and crematories, New England Burials At Sea is also building a network of approved and Quali-fied Sea Burial Certified™ captains on the east and west coast of the USA.

The service takes up to 400 people three miles off shore (25-75 miles off shore for a full body committal) on an inspected vessel for private ash scatterings by a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain, along with selected clergy if desired, to respectfully attend to a loved one’s final wishes. The company ensures a loved one a fi nal resting place at sea, while relieving family of significant financial burdens in their time of distress.

NEBAS offers year round, cost effective, attended or unattended traditional ash scattering memorial cruises and complete full body eco friendly sea burials. Sea burials are performed casket-free using an organic shroud, and per USCG regulations, presided over by the captain as well as a funeral director for full body committals.

New England Burial at Sea Vessel The company uses 28 different vessels from 30’ to 115’ for up to 400 passengers from Maine to Miami. All vessels are clean, current and have the latest safety gear. Vintage vessels dating back to 1935 are also available for the nostalgia crowd. “Mainers like lobster boats for their final ride,” said Capt. White

Captain Brad White has been navigating Massachusetts Bay for more than four decades. He has U.S. Coast Guard certifications in RADAR, GPS, Auxiliary sail, towing,SCUBA, CPR, First Aid and Rescue and Sea Survival. He is USCG licensed, insured, based out of Marshfield, MA andhandles the east coast with approved contract affiliates in other parts of the USA.

Ash Scattering At Sea with New England Burials at SeaThe trained crew conducts a dignified and well planned memorial service that can becustomized to specific needs, wishes, religion or taste. If preferred, a family member or other designated person may conduct all or part of the ceremony. Ocean friendly wreaths, florals,catering, music, poems, readings, prayers, bagpipers, Taps, military cadre and other options are also available.

Bag Pipes Available for Ash Scattering CeremoniesAt the close of the service, loved ones receive a commemorative distinguished keepsake burial certificate, indicating the date, time, depth and exact latitude and longitude of the ceremony so that area can be visited at a later date.

Requests can be accommodated within 24-48 hours,depending on the weather or season. The service maybe attended or unattended and viewed from the shore. Photography of the service is also available as well as alive video feed that can be simulcast worldwide to family members not able to attend. They can easily log on from anywhere in the world to watch the event.

Burying people at sea since 2006, White has been impressed by very steady growth. He now offers a tuition reimbursement program to interested seasoned mariners who need to acquire their required captain’s credentials for immediate employment into this growing business.“Cremations across the USA will top 60% nationwidein 2020,” said White. “And where will all those cremated remains end up? People prefer the ocean as they can always visit the water and see their loved one.”

“Themed events from Grateful Dead sing-alongs to Irish wakes, Viking burial requests as well as star studded sea burials happen frequently,” said Captain White.Burial At Sea scattering of ashes service are also availablefor beloved pets.  The company has hosted eventsfor 400 passengers with full food, band and planningand some groups have seen their family member off complete with a hail of ship’s cannon fire, farewell horns, bagpipers and floral champagne toasts.

Captain White mentioned, “We have seen an incredible up surge in families who want a true “green” ocean burial where their deceased family member may have had an affinity to the sea. Some families don’t want their loved one to be embalmed and truly want a naturalat sea burial service. Many people come home to the sea from their retirement homes,” added White.“Typically, people say, ‘I did not know you could legally do this,’ and want to know where to find the services or how to plan it,” said White.

Full body burials at sea use the company’s exclusive organic Atlantic Sea Burial Shroud which is hand tailoredby size and color by US Navy veterans on demand andthey are weighted down with 150 lbs. of official cannonballs smelted by the same maker of cannon balls for America’s oldest commissioned warship, Old Ironsides. For more information, visit the website at

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