“I did not know you could do a burial at sea”

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Ship’s Blog update 11-26-2010 

We are often asked, “I did not know you could do a burial at sea,” or “I did not know that New England Burials At Sea was available to take my loved on their final request,” or, “I did not know that a burial at sea was even legal or what are the burial at sea rules and regulations.”

Our answers are pretty straight forward.

New England Burials At Sea® has been in business since 2006 for ash scatterings using water soluble urns (Sea urns, ocean friendly urns and biodegradable urns) or offering just plain scatterings of human cremated remains with or without family aboard.  We also offer the actual scattering of remains with the simple sea burial request.

Capt Brad White started the business when the need was determined as earthly land burials started increasing significantly in price.  Sea burials are approximately 1/3rd the price of traditional land based funerals. 

The burial at sea regulations are posted on our site www.NewEnglandBurialsAtSea.com under the FAQ’s a question as they differ on the east coast in the north of Florida and in the state of Florida they also differ in California for ash scatterings.  We have all the rules and regulations posted on our site and can assist if a client desires more information on legal sea burials.

We are often asked to provide (and we do) full body burials at sea, in the Boston area as well as other parts of New England including Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut plus New York, New Jersey and Maryland.  Our services now are available on both coasts from Maine to Miami and from San Francisco to San Diego.

Our family clients use our Atlantic Sea Burial Shroud® for full body burials at sea and they often have questions as to how bodies need to be prepared for sea burials—while we are not funeral directors, we have over 350 sea burial certified funeral directors that can assist and share the options available with the family and our team in planning and executing the at sea maritime event with very high standards of quality control.

Each family receives an official sea burial certificate and photos of their at sea burial event.

Learn more at www.NewEnglandBurialsAtSea.com or by calling toll free (877) 897.7700 during daylight EST business hours to request a free info pack or also via email at OceanBurial@aol.com

-Capt Brad White

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