Greenwich Funeral Home in NYC Becomes Sea-Burial-Certified

New England Burials at Sea LLC.,
Sea Burial Certifies the Greenwich Village Funeral Home in New York City.


MARSHFIELD, MA – The nation’s most requested at sea burial service, New England Burial at Sea LLC (NEBAS) continues to educate forward thinking funeral directors on the option of burials at sea. The Greenwich Village Funeral home funeral arrangers (GVFH) were recently trained and sea burial certified in New York City.

About Greenwich Village Funeral Home

Sea Burial Certificate
Greenwich Village Funeral Home owner Peter DeLuca with sea burial certificate

Greenwich Village Funeral Home is independently owned by Peter C. DeLuca and is a full service funeral provider, in the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. Peter C. DeLuca has been in the funeral profession for over thirty years, taking great pride in serving all faiths, nationalities, and beliefs in the many surrounding  communities of New York City

NEBAS is the best known company in the U.S. for sea burials and it uses only properly insured and current U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) licensed captains and vessels who have been Sea Burial Certified™ by NEBAS.


Founder Captain Brad White said, “We are delighted to work with The Greenwich Village Funeral home as they are a top notch creative boutique type of location who recognizes and embraces the new growth potential in adding sea burials to their menu of choice for their families.”  White also added, “We get many calls from New York families seeking sea burial services and it makes sense to work with a progressive thinking group like GVFH.”


NEBAS offers burial at sea scatterings and eco-friendly full body sea burials, serving families from Maine to Florida and on the West Coast for groups up to 400 people, with 49 vessels since 2006 and works closely with sea burial certified funeral homes. They are recognized by the EPA, US Navy, U.S.C.G. and many area funeral homes and crematories. NEBAS also created, designed and manufactures the Atlantic Sea Burial Shroud® for full body burials at sea. 

Sea Burial Certificate
Capt Brad White (Left) and Greenwich Village Funeral Home owner Peter DeLuca (Right) with sea burial certificate.

Sea Burial certification means that the funeral arrangers gain the equivalency to be able to properly describe sea burial options with the basic understanding of EPA & USCG rules, laws & regulations with general good common sense answers to family questions.


For more information visit, call toll free New England Burials At Sea, Capt. Brad White at 877-897-7700 or direct (781) 834-7500, email


Contact: Greenwich Village Funeral Home, Peter C. DeLuca, 199 Bleecker St, NY, NY 10012, Tel; 212-674-8055, Fax: 212-254-3116,


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