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Instead use the professionals at New England Burials At Sea–Coast to Coast since 2005

When Liz Hopson tried to scatter her beloved mother’s ashes off a bridge, it wasn’t exactly the somber send-off she had planned.

Instead of gently fluttering down to the water below, Hopson was left with a face full of ash and a family in stitches when the contents of the urn blew straight back at her.

“That’s disrespectful! Don’t say that!” Hopkins cries as a man behind the camera dissolves into fits of laughter, telling her she now needs to “brush her off the side” of the bridge, in Newcastle, England.

“That’s not even funny,” she says, trying to keep her composure.“This is horrible!”

Sharing the video online, Hopson’s daughter Lauren said it was her grandmother’s way of getting the last laugh.

Lauren and her mother live in the US, but in April 2017, they spent time driving around England to spread her grandmother’s ashes in places that were special to her.

Lauren compared the incident to a similar scene from “The Big Lebowski” when John Goodman’s character tried the same thing.


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