CBS Boston: Why Are So Many Choosing Burials At Sea?

Dan Rea, Host of NightSide on WBZ NewsRadio 1030 every weeknight from 8:00pm to midnight, interviews Captain Brad White and Funeral Director Chris Goulet about how “death culture” has changed and why more people are choosing burials at see as a funeral option.

Originally broadcast July 18th, 2017.

“BOSTON (CBS) – Captain Brad White helms New England Burials At Sea LLC, which conducts ash scatterings and burials at sea up and down the east coast from Maine to Miami. As we become more environmentally conscious as a nation, more and more people are choosing a sea burial rather than a traditional cemetery. Tune in to hear all about the greening of the death care industry and why so many have started to consider an alternative option.”

Listen Here at CBS Local

  1. Dale Bowman

    I wish someone provided whole body sea burial on the west coast. Cremation uses a lot of energy. I don’t see it as green.

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