Capt. Brad Interviewed on “The Financial Exchange” Radio Show

Feb 11, 2016

Capt. Brad White (New England Burials At Sea) 2.11.16 by The Financial Exchange

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Periodically. We are joined by business owners. I like to interview entrepreneurs people who started their own business last week we had somebody on from. That distillery right in net Portsmouth, New Hampshire yet smoky quartz distillery opens Seabrook New Hampshire which is terrific. Right excellent meet the guy came in does a nice job but he he was wonderful. And if you are a business owner particularly if you started your own company I’d love to talk you’d like to have. In the studio and come on the show and talked to us about the trials and tribulations of being a business owner it’s not easy you’ve always been an employee. And never an employer. Trust me it’s it’s a it’s a challenge but. They’re fascinating people to talk to. And we were contacted. By Brad. Excuse me their drug contacted by captain Brad light from New England burials at seat. He joins us today to talk about his business New England barrels that seekers. I saw this command. Captain and I said that’s how I want check out I’ve always wanted to be very ditzy. We’ll check out as a keyword in the business of there he definitely you know make you some experience and chuck and took her for having me aboard a shout out to. My sister Cynthia who was just your show religiously she said Perry said this he’s got a call out for people to come and talk about you know trials and tribulations of the business and here we are doing and burials exe how long you been in business. We started eleven years ago I’m from Boston what to school here and also in New York my decrease in management. I work with a sharper image company for many years at the company public back in 1986. And decided that. You know corporate America board rooms going public published a despondent regular allot but you know early when the ocean to be my office and then. So back in 2005. But I spoke at captain’s life is pretty hard cap sliced it hasn’t yet at about 900 days CD take over six passengers out is that right. And you have to listen to private vessel right back I can take my bowed out with a bunch of kids on you can take your butt up and if you take your bowed out you know for higher. Higher is defined as if you paid in compensation money. Or eight or fuel or. Ice or cold drinks that’s compensation Coast Guard must. Yet have a Costco and places that we have a US coast relations were properly. In short which is very important. And somebody said to me hey I went about my vote. And it would turn and he can spread my uncles cremated remains as it short because years ago it was that white Brothers milk. Which turned and Anders ice cream here in a New England. In Miami. Great great uncle in the senate the horses are not working in the ethnic ties to horses the to pull the current two companies on let’s get the funeral business civilians he Kelly you know it was a point of Boston which became. Gormley funeral home which still lives in Greece today and I had an interest to set from so I decided when I had my career in corporate America and wanted to make the ocean my office. As a short of that passenger. One became too when he became 200 became real business that we operate now. From Maine to Miami. In San Diego Seattle. We have a 160 different names like California burials a senior colonels and a mother ship is doing and burials it’s yup. With 84 different vessels really modeled after zip car. So we. By what we need. We have to on the boat on the event. And with mission critical for us is that we can operate with most families being able to board whenever vessels within an hour of the home port. So we depart out of sixty ports in of course where thickly populated here in New England but we specialize in. Scattering of cremated remains a body burials airplane scattering the stock. There because I I was reading that in your brochure full bodied various ice I just assumed that I would be cremated and then I wanna be it can you take me to plum got in north that is I sure do. Aplomb and a Plum Island Long Island a Long Island upon god we have to go North Shore South Shore of Soria Freeport. Kept tree month talk he’s taken it yet Connecticut. Out of all say. New London. Rotten that’s perfectly thrown go sell ninety you could use so I thought it was. Ash is only you could throw my hope audio. Well we gently deploy apparently don’t throw it Easter and get that out of them well what happened about five or six years ago it went on the business scene now. We kept getting requests for I’d like a full body gutsy because one I don’t wanna be about to I don’t wanna be in program three I don’t believe it. Fire cremation and seeing so much the boss but acquire study what happened back toward 812. In which they did back then as we do today but we put some we’ve got suited up with some sharper mentally club Customs Service. And we developed a burial shroud which Russia and and we’re we’re seeing these you folks can’t see it but it’s neat is it looks like a cup. They visit to an amber our comp it’s made of fate cotton campus tucked totally biodegradable. Agents to rest by navy veteran sailor. On the South Shore and they come several colors and you and mom liked to play tennis week in what Pope urged a tennis racquets are deadly to fish we have selfish. The beauty of this. Is that when this goes O report we aided by Campbell’s statement. Makes them pro life sides don’t kid which is the oldest commissioned warship and plants evidently it was authentic how many animals we use. Four can’t balls that are each corner now. Fourth at 37 and an ethical in the bottom at him do that because they really believe and participation in and accused. For a better event. Sign cannibals. We don’t even have video technology the coast Porsche because people want to see Aziz in the wait so we got a camera on the shroud coached the bottom of the ocean 600 feet. We pull the camera back up on a fishing line complicated computer. And don’t believe Randall. That’s an option that that you just that I’m sold. It’s all right I even know where I wanna go but the beauty of this is that serious. It people’s it was a time. Don’t know he can do this how to too which added to what. How would somebody regularly and we saw this and I were going through the military and puckered his worry about it but I am an old you know I’m I have to write these. Arrangements. Well we find that the average caller to us is meal from 45 and 95 years we’ve been night I Euro going week. With that. And full body yours he’s going to be up for next yet and we find that the folks that call us. Haven’t incredible love the ocean gravitational pull back to New England for the Chesapeake Tim Clark because he Boston. Yeah create it’s here side to. Go out in retire in Tucson goes come home so we get these phone call six months eight months at a time. People make their plans we book every single thing in the summer people calling for 2017. And you know something a lot of people have dad or mom. On the shelf. For a year and then put them behind that golf but it’s a trek in the sports closet and I feel bad because I obviously they haven’t done anything. So we started related areas that seat dot com and it would feel that actually I’m gonna cut you off there. As we have more questions if you have questions are text number is 68680. If you’d like to learn more. About burials that seed this is how my plan to. Get it would it would to what’s the right word to use a scattered its ear full body I say I’m gonna go for the full body thing with the cannibals like that in the cannon fire. In the camp fire fire cannons and we’ll talk about it tonight a top eight star flag I can’t wait. I this is exciting stuff 68680s. Or text number if you wanna learn more Texas your questions will ask them captain Brad white from. New England burials at C. Our text number 68680 listening to the financial exchange from the insurer match dot com studio. Well you’re in word. We’re working on keeping you up to date on all the latest market trends it’s a financial exchange on the financial exchange radio network. Our text number is 686 city we’re joined by captain Brad light from New England burials at C. And before we go back to the captain announced. We trivia question the famous lead singer of queen was Freddie Mercury. What country was Freddie Mercury born in tough question again 68680s. Are text number. What country was Freddie Mercury. Born in you know the answer does Texas be the first listener to text us at 68680. Annual winning prize. At a number of people. Captain that had texted in and they wanted to know if you will do pet burials at. Absolutely you know the best way to humans artists there and we took at a very famous actress out of Plymouth and she asked can we mix my uncle. Hunt together in might. Two term as it short and light bulb went off but it went to these hospitals and we became provider of choice for an agency it’s only 95 dollar repair. It’s the same. That dignity equality human would and we put a document everything that gimmick and commodity like. And that’s a different program that money can squeeze different vessel but I’m a huge pet lover and it’s pretty special because of that you know what happens which can we go out and did my pet issues scanners are rations in we will have a horse farm and so. In disease in the pac which used up all the ups and he still. So what happens weak oil we gather the alien vessel we give a safety brief we travel three miles two team which is the requirement by the US Coast Guard in the EPA. In depth we have an icy tribute they can include reading this music. And then definitely take turns scatter in the premier remains of their human love when there were together. That’s too where it was a black couple days on Miami and we did mom and dad and for your keys and know how many people can you hit on a boat to actually go out forties but that’s a good question because every place about size of one to six passengers that’s called a six pack or more than six passengers of what you have to have a master’s license which. And our boat sizes can take anywhere for passengers with an offense with 300 foreign people but the average is 20/20 five people open bar. Open bar if you choose that option if the vote that’s an unrealized picnic and that I want it to be a party. Well most people celebrate and if the vote has ever licenses BWAY OP and we do have catering available. We help folks with the travel arrangements with hotels and in to order shortly reservist. And that. One called really does at all. When we’re on the vessel eagle out and we takes a turn scattered remains. And then eight to a flower pedal feel which is beautiful. We fire up the ship’s cannon in the air honor them in and we raised this version flag which are seals cutesy but it’s called the eight Belle and to watch slack. Because they’re four watches on a boat. In the navy. The last watched her in the island war so because daddy as. Left our deck of life we hang expert flag we ring Plymouth plantation schoolhouse spell eight times in that we give this flag. To the family on December occasion and that we circled the area fire up the ship’s Canon. Yet it can we have a candidate many people to post. And many people might throw shells and with messages on them more to add loved Oreo suddenly throws an Oreo peanut bag pipes from what I’ve got somebody wants bag we have some incredible backpackers. Our fellow David out of Plymouth bag pipes he has brother Beck by the queen of England and then I George up in New Hampshire and Maine bag pipes for the pushes. In these guys are amazing Lee. A talented they have like 12100 tunes and an end. And I just say hit it in Google wanted to do a great job now a couple of couple is there’s one note you can do Blake’s I’m guessing the answers no. Well the answer is that correct it’s no but let me keep you kind of two to answer that we only can do. Three miles east of the line of demarcation. On each coast we cannot Two Rivers lakes and streams the reason for that is because cremated remains contained 52% phosphate. Phosphate is like when you put whisked in your laundry and that creates red tide which creates algae bloom which jokes that rivers lakes streams can. However. Two years ago at Babson College. A proud to say that we developed a product called the ocean earned that will allow you to leave the planet with fewer footprints that you came. Zero. Phosphate. Permissions set to be working on their right now and make that a Massachusetts it’s gonna ever rate retail price of just 99 dollars. End. It’s gonna be branded so that it’s like Coco Chanel or camouflage are already people want so the other thing I tell you about scattering exe you don’t meet governor. Catholics. Like to have a current elected capture all the commitments together so we have the oceans premiers if necessary. Or if I want it the other thing we do with this is just small size they care man we have these underwater re called the great burial re these are 600 plans. Can withstand eight. Force four hurricane and working in the approvals now with the state of Massachusetts fisheries to deploy these. South. Heart to port in the arm port to create structure re straight structure fish like structure. So what happens is the top of screws secure chambers the year mom and dad’s cremated remains coincide we deploy this in three short months this becomes a living reef. With with which we have. Helped and mosques in politics is only the little wherever you live forever and cost D’Qwell you can also visit grip is read by scuba diving and invite fishing yet. Gosh let’s talk as we getting number questioned them and regarding cost of this service OK so for it it’s very reasonable orchard actually about 13 the price of a traditional funeral service and you know people die a year by the new 3.3 million about 56000 people die in Massachusetts per year. There’s 24000. Homes in America we’re not a funeral home. We worked with the number that we train them and with the C browser application process is less expensive less expensive and traditional soap for an unattended which means we do everything we just describe and put it document it’s only 495 dollars. Four years six passenger questioned jackets tortilla it’s 15150 dollars. In the average is anywhere from 22 to 32 all depending upon a fit and finish the vessel with got a beautiful presidential style got him Boston. Of course that’s more money we have one of those we actually use Honey Fitz. Out of Palm Beach now and that’s. Had five presents users that we have different types of vessels. Full body burials little bit different because we have to go to 600 feet which is 45 miles short in Massachusetts how to people get in touch with you because I know what’s happening here people are listening in the sand. I wanna do this. How do we make the link to what we have a really good depth free information kidded DVD it’s available. We have a very robust web site its New England burials Etsy dot com are told me number anywhere in the country is 877897. 7700 that’s 87977700. In the email as ocean burial at AOL dot com. What happens is we send the information that we have links to people can see with the other vets look like him in the full body burial cost question. More money that cremation. Because we have to go its fuel burn going up short those prices started about 700950. That you could take fifty friends you know eighty friends. They have good seat links. And at that that’s the way Amtrak and I appreciate your joining us captain you know captain Brad light from New England burials at C dot com and learn more about those programs.

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