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Information needed:

Decedent’s height:                                                   Decedent’s weight:

Decedent’s age:                                                          Male or Female:

Shroud Color Options:   Natural is the best seller and in stock (Unbleached and undyed) Also in stock is Navy blue.  If available we can also offer Black, Forest, Burgundy, Hunter Green and British Tan.  (Your Screen colors are darker than real life colors due to varying screen resolution )

Available Shroud Colors
Available Shroud Colors

You can choose either piping or fringe in any of the listed colors below.


Color Samples for Rope Piping
Color Samples for Rope Piping

Color of piping:  Accent piping colors available include: White, Navy, Daffodil, Wine, Sable and Sage.



Color Options for Fringe and Carry Straps
Color Options for Fringe and Carry Straps

Other Style / Color Options: Bullion Fringe choices in Gold or White.

Carry Strap Color Options: Camel, Chocolate, Bright Yellow, Sun-Kissed, Navy and Celery.

Natural Shrouds are usually in stock, if other colors are ordered please Allow 5-7 production days for other colors and we ship via USPS next day for $95.00 appx.

Ship via:(UPS, FEDX, USPS and what level service next day, 2nd day 3rd day, ground

Do you wish to also order cannon ball ballast?  If so they ship via greyhound bus and arrive on any east coast destination on 1-2 days

Viewing Upgrade Kit
Viewing Upgrade Kit

If you are having a viewing,  we also offer the optional Viewing Upgrade Kit: Cotton Pillow, sheets, side shroud stiffeners and pad.  Viewing upgrade Kit – Includes: light mattress, Sew Throw in four pieces, a rolled pillow and large quilted blanket see below.  Price: $250.00

Payment information on order please

Bill to:   (Name on card, city, state, zip, tel, fax, email) Credit card #, exp date and CVV #

Ship to: (Typically a Funeral home—need contact there – Ship to name, Funeral home name, city, state, zip, tel, fax, email)

What the recipient will receive:

  • Shroud
  • Sisal Rope
  • Paper leak liner
  • Closure lock with key
  • Written Instructions
  • 4 Carry Straps
  • Letter of Authenticity and Warranty

No tools are required

Note: This is a Natural Fabric Product—Moisture can cause mildew—store in a clean and dry place with ventilation.

Questions, please call:

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