Atlantic and Pacific Water Burial Shrouds™ now use video technology

Our Atlantic and Pacific Burial Shrouds™ now have optional, waterproof underwater, high definition, wide angle retrievable video technology available.  Often times many families want to see what dad sees on his way to his final resting place.


Proven since 2009 and custom crafted by Navy veterans.  Complete with memory pocket, patent pending ballast weight management system, high quality appearance piping and more, these full body water burial shrouds are by far the only (and best) available in the USA today.


We typically stock 3-6 units for immediate shipment, in two colors (Natural and Navy) and each is hand sewn to typical human body dimensions (Super size also avail) with culturally and religiously sensitive materials (No animal fats are used and only cotton thread).


In 2017 we are introducing a “sailor’s version” similar to that of what was used on Old Iron Sides, The Constitution—the oldest commissioned naval war ship in the world.


We will also have Hawaiian print versions and tie-dyed colors also in 2017


Contact us for an info sheet.

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  1. Sheila Seiferlein

    i would like to know about your “sailor’s version” shroud. I wouls like to be buried at sea in as close to the traditional way as is possible. Thank you

  2. CaptBrad

    will send you an email -sorry just seeing this now

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