Ash Scatterings Within Sight of Lighthouses

burials-lighthouseScattering the ashes of loved one within sight of lighthouses or other distinct coastal landmarks is a great way to give families and friends a location to visit with their loved ones from shore.

Lighthouse locations offer scenic views and in most cases make fantastic picnic areas. It is also an affordable cost cruise since it typically takes no more than 15 minutes to travel out to a suitable spot within sight of the land mark of choice. New England Burials at Sea typically supplies ash scattering certificates stating the latitude, longitude and date of the ceremony and will also include the distance and direction. For example: “5 miles North Northeast of Scituate Lighthouse in Scituate, Massachusetts.”

The distance and direction is also a nice touch to add to published obituaries or notices sent to friends and relatives who could not attend services, but would like to pay their respects at a later time.

-Captain Brad

Example: Bar Harbor, Maine

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  1. Eve

    Hi… we’re (10 family members)are interested in scattering mom’s ashes near Penfield Reef (Long Island Sound, Fairfield,CT) sometime in early autumn. Could you provide guidance?
    Thank you.

  2. Rani Jadhav

    Hi, we are interested in scattering a small urn of ashes collected from the creation as close to a spot in the sea to Stamford. Could you suggest a suitable site and the cost involved. thanks.

  3. Rani Jadhav

    Interested in scattering a small urn of ashes in the sea near Stamford CT . Name of the deceased is Rajnikant D Jadhav. Upto 4 family members will accompany if possible. Could you reply with details of location, fees etc.

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