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Biodegradable Sea Urn
Biodegradable Sea Urn

The biodegradable Sea-Urn™ allows you to gently float the cremated remains of a loved one into the ocean currents for a short while before it slowly sinks to the ocean depths while dissolving the outer container allowing for the ashes to release into the ocean.

Hand crated from purely natural and environmentally safe ingredients, Sea-Urn is water soluble, non polluting and ocean friendly. Sized at 11.5” x 8” x 8” it will hold one adult.

Sea-Urn™ initially floats on water contact, becomes water saturated, begins to submerge then will completely dissolve within 5-20 minutes gently releasing the cremated remains into the ocean depths. (Denser remains may sink immediately)

Understanding the growing concern for the environment, the Sea-Urn is a certified product through the Green Burial Council. This governing organization is devoted to providing earth friendly alternatives for both cremation and burial products.

Why select Sea-Urn? It allows you full closure while watching your loved one float gently to sea for a few minutes longer than traditional ash scatterings.

• Water-soluble pottery that quickly saturates and dissolves in water spreading ashes in a few short minutes, so you don’t have to.

• Controlled release: Manages ash scatterings in a dignified way by preventing unpleasant cremated ash “blow-back” that can happen with unpredictable cross winds working against changing ocean currents.

• Environmentally safe and biodegradable: Designed and hand crafted in the USA

• Ideal for both sea and land burials. Can also be used for traditional earth burial with similar eco friendly biodegradability benefit.

• Green friendly: Can also be used as a stand alone living room urn for later use in the ocean or earth.

• Secure packaging: Easy to ship and transport or to store your Sea-Urn without the fear of damage to the pottery like texture of the vase.

• Available in six attractive colors: Sapphire, White, Turquoise, Emerald, Sandstone, Natural.

• Map retail $200 each + s/h

• 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are confident that the Sea-Urn will provide the best results for scattering your loved one’s cremated remains in a body of water that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thousands of satisfied families. If you are not completely satisfied, the cost of the urn will be refunded to you. No questions asked.

Sea Urn Colors
Sea Urn Colors

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