Press Release: Belated Burials at Sea

It’s Never Too Late To Pay Tribute to a Loved One –

“Belated Burials at Sea” Now Offered Through New England Burials at Sea LLC


Marshfield, MA — New England Burials At Sea, (NEBAS) has recently launched a new service and website to help bring closure to families who wish to honor their loved ones with a Belated Burial at Sea (

The vast majority of cremations never have a proper, dignified “celebration of life” burial ceremony.   Company founder Captain Brad White recently announced a new service now offered at NEBAS – the Belated Burial – a memorial ash scattering that pays tribute to a loved one when a family is still holding onto their cremated remains and not knowing how to put them to final rest.

According to Capt. White, “Typically, during the first year following cremation, the remains are placed proudly on the fireplace mantel.  As the years go by, the remains are eventually moved to the hallway closet behind a tennis racquet and by year five, or even year 10, someone has an epiphany that a burial at sea or other ‘celebration’ would be a great final and proper tribute.”

NEBAS is the best known company in the USA for sea burials and it uses only properly insured and licensed captains with current U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) certifications who only use clean, safe and up to date vessels from Maine to Miami as well as San Francisco to San Diego.  Vessels vary from vintage Maine down east style to sport or luxury level vessels accommodating up to 400 people.

NEBAS Burials at sea are legal, approved per USCG and EPA regulations and are easy to plan.  For ash scatterings, NEBAS voyages out three nautical miles and the family scatters their loved ones cremated remains with a customized sea tribute service and returns to port all within about three hours.  Traditional Ash Scattering rates include an official parchment sea burial certificate marking the latitude and longitude of a loved ones’ final resting place and start at $495.00. NEBAS also offers full body ocean burials with their patent pending organic Atlantic Sea Burial Shroud®

For more information or to make arrangements for a Belated Burial , contact NEBAS

Toll free at (877) 897-7700 or visit the website at


New England Burials At Sea LLC, (NEBAS) offers burial at sea scatterings and eco-friendly full body sea burials, serving families from Maine to Miami for groups up to 400 people since 2006 and is recognized by the EPA, US Navy, U.S.C.G. and many area funeral homes and crematories.

NEBAS offers a unique Concierge Program specifically for families traveling to the Boston area for NEBAS services.  The company has partnered with the pet friendly Fairmont Battery Wharf Hotel,  Rowe’s Wharf Water Transport Company, Winston Flowers and CityView Trolley company of Boston   to help ensure NEBAS guests are as comfortable as possible during their time of grief and mourning – and one simple phone call handles it all.

The company also designed and manufactures the Atlantic Sea burial Shroud®.

For more information or images, visit, call toll free New England Burials At Sea, Capt Brad White at 877-897-7700 or (781) 834-7500, email

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