Rogala / Allen Family

Pennsylvania |

Good Morning Captain Brad,

Although we live in PA, our roots are in New England and the fact that my daughter found your website was heaven sent. I can’t begin to thank you for your understanding and compassion. I know “it’s what we do”.

Your willingness to include our personal wants in readings, songs, and tears was above and beyond. My family was truly overwhelmed and totally at peace.

I particularly thank you for your inclusion of my special needs grandson, Josh, in the tribute as Eleanor meant a great deal to him. However, you might have indicated that the cannon was more than “just a little loud”!

As our lives now begin a new chapter, we have you to thank for our feeling that all is right with the world and well in our souls.

May you continue to have fair winds and calm seas.

For the Rogala/Allen Family

We gratefully thank you,