Robin T.

Maryland |

April 2010

Dear Captain Brad,

Sorry I did not call you as soon as I received your gift but I knew if left you a message I would put off sending you the note that I have been meaning to send for the last year.

I wanted to thank you for making the hardest day of my life an event that was filled with special moments. From our first conversation, I knew you were the person for this special task.  You took the time to call or email me just about every day to either see how I was doing or provide an update.  You took such great care to make sure the day was exactly how I wanted it and to honor Mike and his wishes. I was touched by the time you took speaking with each family member and making sure they had everything they needed that day.   You played an important role in providing us such special memories.  The moments that meant the most to me were when you saluted Mike as he was placed into the sea and the flower field that you suggested after the service.  Your kindness will never be forgotten.  You will always have a special place in my heart!


Robin T.