Josh A

San Francisco, CA | Funeral Director |


I am a funeral director with 20 years of experience. In my career, which has spanned from New York to San Francisco, my knowledge and experience with at-sea-burials was extremely limited. I decided to contact Captain Brad White at New England Burials at Sea to further educate myself on additional options that I could present to my client families. Upon my phone introduction with Captain Brad, I was greeted in a professional manner with boatloads (pun intended) of information about sea burial from coast to coast including location options, legal requirements, pricing, logistics and more. I found Captain Brad to be extremely thorough with all details and possess a general willingness to go above and beyond for each and every family that he works with.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Captain Brad for the first time on the West Coast, and I was impressed on how organized everyone involved was. The entire event from start to finish was professionally completed with the utmost honor and respect given to the deceased and family. After the deceased was transferred to the boat in a hand-made Navy Burial Shroud, we began a very pleasant boat ride to an area beyond the legal marine requirements, and a dignified service took place on the boat deck. The family participated in the “burial” which offered them necessary closure during an emotional event in their lives. Some members of the family approached me at the end of the service to tell me how happy they were with the services that were provided to honor the deceased wishes.

In conclusion, a professional, dignified service was provided on a beautiful boat with loving family members present. Every wish of the deceased was fulfilled thanks to Captain Brad and his crew. Keep up the good work!