Eileen E.

Clinton, MD |

October, 2009

Capt Brad..

Thank you so much for a wonderful ceremony.  I so truly appreciate all that you have done for my family and my Grandmother.   …”I found this company through the internet. Their website is very informative and answers alot of questions. This company does attended and unattended scattering of ashes at sea. If unattended the website instructs as to how to ship the cremains. They follow strict EPA guidelines and are very caring as well as professional. We had an unattended scattering 3 miles out to sea. . Brad White was prompt in providing us additional info, and it was enough so we knew exactly how the burial would go, what his credentials were, and what needed to be accomplished before hand. A straight unattended scattering of cremains is only $395. however, we ordered a DVD of the service and had flowers scattered also. He even made my daughter part of the service by including her via phone on the ceremony and described the final resting place of the cremains! We got to add to and edit the ceremony ourselves. Capt. White always kept us updated and responded to our inquiries immediately. Capt. Brad even gave us additional ideas as well as providing us with beautiful memories.”


Eileen E.