New England Burials at Sea ~ Covid-19 Policy and Practice

We recognize that with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, this is an unprecedented time for everyone — a time that, for many, is filled with uncertainty.

As we try to prepare for what lies ahead, we want to wish all our customers and friends the best during this difficult situation. We hope your loved ones stay healthy and we all weather the economic and social hardships that are testing us

At New England Burials at Sea we care about your health, safety and welfare on onboard as well as on land. With coronavirus in the headlines, we understand that many of our client families –even the most traveled ones—may feel some uncertainty about booking future travel.

As an added customer service benefit and effective March 1, 2020 until further notice, we have enacted a new “Reserve your trip with no worry” policy and have added an optional “Insure your planned trip” option in case of any major Airport departure cancellation / trip interruptions / Travel bans due to the recent coronavirus worries described by the World health organization (WHO) or (CDC) Center for disease control.  We hope this offers you confidence when making your travel plans.  Of course, we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted with any relevant info.


We require a no touch infrared forehead body temp check will be required taken on boarding.  Any fevered passengers will be asked to wait dockside until we return.

6’ social distancing and masks (Not provided) will be required while on board.

The vessel will be sanitized on boarding and that hand sanitizer will be available for passengers.

If airlines cancel scheduled nearest airport arrivals within 50 miles and within three days of our intended departure port, and if the family clients wants, we will waive any change fee and/or  cancel fees for your event and you can simply carry over voucher your event at no cost to reschedule within 365 days of your original scheduled departure date.

If there is no airline cancellation but a family instead decides to postpone their at sea event with us we will still offer to carry over voucher them at no additional cost to be used anytime within 365 days **AS LONG AS**we have 21 days written notice prior to that scheduled departure from client.

If the family chooses to cancel, the standard published NEBAS cancel policy applies.  That policy is as follows:

Change Policy:  One schedule date/time change is available at no charge.  Additional schedule changes will be assessed a $150 change fee per change of departure day, time, vessel or port.


Cancellation Policy: Day of sailing 25% refundable, within three days of sailing 35% of deposit is refundable. Within 4-14 days of sailing 50% refundable, within 21 days of sailing 75% refundable, within 30 days of sailing 100% refundable. All cancellations have a $75 admin fee if paid by credit card and merchant fees can’t be refunded..



If an event has been booked, vessel taken out of service for your event with crew assigned a minimum cancel charge for any reason (except for captain’s weather postpone) will incur a $275 cancel charge (Waived if your date / time changes to a date in the future within 365 days from your original booking date)


WEATHER POLICY:  Your safety and enjoyment at sea is our prime area of focus and responsibility. Should poor weather be forecasted or occur during your charter period, the Captain reserves the right to cancel and/or postpone a sailing for the safety of the passengers and crew. Deposits are 100% refundable in this instance less any credit card merchant fee which runs 3% of invoice and can be applied to a future voyage.  If the charter has commenced and poor weather eventually rolls in, a mutually acceptable pro rated cost adjustment share of the total fee will be charged, with a minimum fee of $275.


NEBAS reserves the right to amend, alter or delete these terms at any time.


In summary, we are proudly starting our 17th year in business because of caring customers like yourselves.  We are flexible, resourceful and creative in the people moving business.  We understand family dynamics, travel planning and of course desirable safe sea conditions for your comfort and enjoyment on your planned farewell event at sea for your family and guests.

Together we will work hard to get off the dock as scheduled and on time as we have for almost two decades—we just want you to know that we care and we want to build an additional cushion of travel planning piece of mind security for you and your family during these recent uncertain travel times from all parts of the world that are non-predictive and that we can’t control.

As business owners we are making sure we are following all local, State and federal guidelines to ensure we are doing our part to minimize the spread of the virus.  We sanitize before and after each trip, keep a record of passengers, require the wearing of customer supplied masks and we practice social distancing.

I would like to share some simple things we have been told to do to help slow/control the spread:

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Try to stay 6′ away from people when you are out
  • Drink half your body weight in ounces of water (Ex a 200 pounds person should be drinking 100 ounces of water a day (About six, eight oz bottles)

Best regards,

Captain Brad White – President and Founder

New England Burials at Sea

EFF: 3/1/20, R: 7/1/20 R: 12/20/20, R: 1/1/22