Funeral homes and associates that have been trained in the planning of “Burials At Sea” have passed competency requirements on proper and legal Sea Burial protocol in the United States of America.

Certification represents the general equivalency to describe, present sea burial options with the basic understanding of EPA and USCG rules, laws and regulations, and to follow burial at sea protocols in accordance with common sense, safety and sensitivity.

Sea Burial Certification is granted upon successful completion of a course covering:
NEBAS Sea Burial Certified

  • USCG regulations
  • US Navy regulations
  • EPA laws
  • State-to-State and State-Specific regulations
  • Local town and city regulations
  • Funeral Home best practices and methods in the care and execution of at-sea burials.

According to the standards set forth by The United States of America.

Master USCG Captain Bradford D. White
Mariner Number: 2724307

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