Green Urns

Green Urns™

An environmentally friendly way to say goodbye

A Non-Toxic, Biodegradable Urn with


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Memory Slots Rememberance Vessel Cremains Container Fiber Paper

Personalizes the celebration of your loved one with memory slots for notes, flowers, and incense. Urn is easily lowered into the ocean.

Remembrance Vessel™ allows for biodegradable, handwritten notes and mementos from friends and family.

Separate container keeps cremated remains nestled in the base of the urn to allow for ample dwell time and safe passage to the sea.

Molded fiber paper is biodegradable, made from recycled fiber, and manufactured without waste and polluting emissions.


GREEN URNS™ allow friends and family to celebrate their loved one’s life by decorating the urn with flowers and including personal notes before placing the urn in the water.

Biodegradable, Phosphate Neutralizing Ocean Friendly Urn


GREEN URNS™ hydro-dynamic design allows the urn to float briefly on the surface of the water, giving friends and family time to say their final goodbye.


GREEN URNS™ is fully committed to the preservation of our oceans. This oceanfriendly urn is a carbon footprint reducing system. This is why the urn is crafted from 100% recycled and fully biodegradable fiber-based cardboard and contains phosphate neutralizing technology.