Burial at Sea in a Living Reef – Private Burial Reef – $3,995

A filmed visit to the Great Burial Reef showing how it becomes a natural part of the marine ecosystem over time. (Use your Space Bar to Pause and Play)


– The safe handling of your loved one’s cremated remains once they have been remanded to our care
– Casting of the burial reef and sealing of the individual’s cremated remains into the reef’s core
– Transportation, ocean placement, and dedication of the burial reef, including all permits
– Certificate of Living Coral Reef Burial indicating the date, time, depth, and GPS coordinates of the burial reef

Incorporation of additional set of remains into same burial reef (private burial reef only) – $395

FAMILY PARTICIPATION SERVICES:  Private Family Vessel Service – See price sheet based on port of departure and number of guests attending.
Includes private, insurance, fuel, USCG licensed captain, crew, celebrant and dedication ceremony, chilled bottled water and soda and all taxes. Please contact us for large group rates.

Professional photography services are available – see price list

Frequently Asked Questions:

About Our Great Burial Reef®Services

Do you offer your services on a pre-arranged basis?
We do offer pre-arrangement services through your funeral home. Please contact us for more information.

Can I make my arrangements through my funeral home?
We happily accept referrals from any funeral service provider.

Who chooses Great Burial Reef?
Our client families come from nearly every state in the country, and several international locations, and each is as different as the loved one they chose to honor. Some people choose GBR because their loved one had an affinity for water. Sometimes it is because their loved one was a military veteran. Some choose our services from an environmental desire to avoid land burial. Some families choose it because it is an affordable alternative to other choices. Some people choose it simply because it is unique. Regardless of the reason, we are deeply honored to be of service.

About The Great Burial Reef

What is The Great Burial Reef made of?
The reef is constructed of varying sized Reef Memorials, cast from 100% natural concrete with an additive called microsilica, which accelerates marine life growth. The majority of the reef structures weigh between 500 and 600 pounds.
How big is The Great Burial Reef?
The reef is about 36-48” tall.

Can I visit The Great Burial Reef?
Of course. If you are a diver and wish to visit the reef, please contact us for specific directions and GPS coordinates.

Do you have to have permission to bury people at sea?
Yes. We operate under permits issued by the Sarasota County Environmental Services, a governmental agency that compiles permits on our behalf from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, the Army Corps of Engineers, the EPA, and several other governmental agencies.

Is the reef safe?
The reef and its individual components were designed to, and have been tested to withstand most natural phenomena. At 30 feet below the surface, the reef is well protected from marine traffic.

About Living Ocean Reef Burial

How long does it take to perform a burial?
The deployment of a burial reef takes approximately 2-3 hours, depending on weather and ocean conditions.

How does it work?
The burial reef is carefully lowered to the ocean floor by our crew while the family watches. Once it has safely reached the ocean floor, we document the precise GPS coordinates of the burial reef.

Can more than one person’s remains be placed in a private burial reef?
Our private burial reef are designed to hold the remains of a single individual or couple. For a nominal fee, we can include the remains of a second individual.

What happens if there is bad weather?
At the discretion of our yacht captains, we may cancel or postpone a burial or scattering event to a better weather window if time. If we do, we attempt to reschedule for the following day, or as soon as it is safe to travel to the deployment site.

About Family Participation Services

Do I have to participate?
No. We frequently perform un-attended ocean reef burials, and are honored to do so in the event you do not wish to or cannot participate.

How much does it cost to participate?
Our private yacht scheduled is based on port and number of guests.  Please see our posted price list.

How many family members can I bring with me?
You may bring as many family members as you like. We have a variety of vessels that can accommodate groups of almost any size.

Can I bring children?
Children are welcome. Coast Guard regulations require that all children under 8 wear a life preserver, which we provide.

What happens if the number of family members changes?
We understand that plans change. Simply call us and let us know, and we will make the necessary adjustments to your event and our required staffing.

What is the dedication ceremony?
Our special dedication ceremony is presented by our licensed captain / celebrant, and speaks to the time honored traditions of burial at sea and ocean scattering. The ceremony is non-denominational. Following the presentation, each guest is given the opportunity to step to the rail, cast his or her rose petals, and share a memory or short prayer.

Are pets allowed?
Regrettably, we do not allow pets on board except for those required for passenger assistance.

Can I bring my own boat?
The logistics of watching over multiple vessels can be challenging, and we discourage using your own vessel to participate but you are welcome to watch from another vessel if you so choose.

What is provided?
The participation fee includes our special dedication ceremony performed by our on-board celebrant, rose petals to cast over the deployment area during the ceremony, and chilled bottled water / sodas and more.  Please see our price list for different packages and available options.

Can I bring food or beverages?
You’re more than welcome to bring any food or beverages that you wish. Our charter license requires that we verify identification for those who consume alcoholic beverages while on board.  If the vessel has a licensed bar, alcoholic beverages must be purchase on board per ABC regulations.

What should I wear?
You will be on a moving yacht in the New England waters. We recommend that you dress casually. Please wear non-skid, non-marking shoes. (Save high heels for ashore) We recommend that you bring sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. Depending on the time of year, it may be appropriate to bring a light jacket as well.

If my loved one is a veteran, how do I arrange for Military Funeral Honors?
We would be honored to arrange for dockside Military Funeral Honors from the appropriate military branch, which includes the folding and presentation of the American Flag and the playing of taps. We do not charge to make these arrangements, but it is appropriate to offer a small gratuity to the Honor Guard.

Is tipping expected?
We recommend a crew gratuity for crew of 15-20% for excellent service if you are satisfied. This is at your discretion for groups up to six.  For groups over six we automatically add 20% at time of booking.

About Ordering and Shipping Requirements

What do I have to do to order your services?
Please call our office at any hour at (781) 834-0112. A member of our staff will assist you in either sending you the required documents and discussing your service arrangements, or, if you reside within our local service area, by making an appointment for you and your family we offer a complimentary, no-obligation in home consultation with a member of our staff.