Pet Burials At Sea Now Offered Through New England Burials at Sea LLC

We know that pets are also beloved members of any family and we treat their ash scattering ceremonies with deep respect and seriousness. It is a common request for human and pet ashes to be scattered during the same ceremony.  We offer scatterings for small pets up to horses or beloved back yard farm animals.


Pet burial services include a Burial Certificate marking the time, date, latitude and longitude  of the ash scattering ceremony.  You can email a photo of your pet to Captain Brad White before the charter if you wish to include your pet’s picture on the certificate free of charge.

Unattended Pet Ash Scattering Ceremonies start at $95.00

Contact Captain Brad White for pricing and details about Attended Pet Ash Scattering Ceremonies as well as Full Body Pet Burials at Sea.


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Marshfield, MANew England Burials At Sea, (NEBAS), serving families from Maine to Miami with burial at sea scatterings and eco-friendly full body sea burials for humans, has recently announced a new service – Pet Burials at Sea to memorialize beloved, furry and feathered friends.


NEBAS company founder Captain Brad White now provides a dignified “celebration of life” ash scattering ceremony for pets. Pet burial services include a Burial Certificate marking the time, date, latitude and longitude of the ash scattering ceremony.   A pet photo may also be included on the certificate free of charge.


Capt. White explained, “We know that pets are also beloved members of any family and we treat their ash scattering ceremonies with deep respect and seriousness.   Losing a pet can be particulary difficult for anyone, but especially children because they have ‘grown up’ with that special ‘family member’.   Families may obtain better closure from an ash scattering at sea ceremony that celebrates and commemorates their cherished pet.”


NEBAS Ash Scatterings are approved per USCG and EPA regulations. NEBAS voyages out three nautical miles, scatters ashes with a customized sea tribute service and returns to port. Ash Scattering for Pets in an Unattended Ceremony is $95. Prices vary according to the number of attendees for an Attended Ash Scattering Ceremony for Pets up to $795.00


Biodegradeable sea wreaths or rose petal scattering and music are other options available during an Attended Ash Scattering Ceremony for Pets, but are not included in the cost of the ceremony.

NEBAS does not yet conduct full body Burial at Sea for pets as they do for Humans.


NEBAS is properly insured and licensed using U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) captains that operate clean and safe up to date vessels from Maine to Miami as well as San Francisco to San Diego. Vessels vary from vintage Maine down east style to sport or luxury level vessels accommodating up to 400 people.


For more information or to make arrangements for a Pet Burial, contact NEBAS

at toll free (877) 897-7700, Direct 781-834-7500 or visit the website at


New England Burials At Sea LLC, (NEBAS) offers burial at sea scatterings and eco-friendly full body sea burials, serving families from Maine to Miami for groups up to 400 people since 2006. NEBAS is recognized by the EPA, US Navy, U.S.C.G. and many funeral homes and crematories.


Through their Belated Burial at Sea (, NEBAS helps bring closure to families who wish to honor their loved ones with a memorial ash scattering that pays tribute to a loved one that a family may not have already had a committal service for.


NEBAS offers a unique Concierge Program specifically for families traveling to the New England area for NEBAS services. The company has partnered with the pet friendly Fairmont Battery Wharf Hotel, Rowe’s Wharf Water Transport Company, Winston Flowers and CityView Trolley company of Boston and VCA animal hospitals to help ensure NEBAS guests are as comfortable as possible during their time of grief and mourning – and one simple phone call handles it all.


The company also designed and manufactures in MA the Atlantic & Pacific Sea burial Shroud® and™ that can be seen at 

In 2011, New England Burials at Sea Pet Ash Scattering Services were the subject of a Boston Globe Business Section article.

Burials at sea, now available for pets.

July 5, 2011 3:15 PM     By Kaivan Mangouri, Globe Correspondent

New England Burials At Sea, which runs mourners out into the ocean to scatter the ashen remains of loved ones, is now extending its services to those who want a marine memorial for their beloved pets. Company founder Brad White said pet burials at sea resulted from his own interests as a dog lover.

“We are enlarging it. Pets are people too,” White said. “People want a dignified last wish and final chapter for their pets.”

White, who has several dogs, also founded Midnight Pass, a company that manufactures beds, strollers, and other pet-related products. His contact with other owners led to the pet burial at sea services.

“We get many requests to scatter the cremated remains of pets alongside the remains of the pet parent,” White said of many of his ocean burials. “We know how much we love our pets, and in today’s transient society, many owners don’t want to exhume pet remains when they move.”

White offers pet burials starting at $95. After the the ashes are scattered into the ocean, there is usually a poem reading, and then flowers or wreaths are placed in the water. Owners receive a sea burial certificate, which, White said, often helps to bring some closure if they cannot make the trip themselves.

Most of the pet burials are unattended, although he performed one that had 40 people in attendance.

Nearly 40 percent of deaths resulted in cremations in 2009, according to the Cremation Association of North America, double the amount in 1985 – a rise that some in the funeral business attribute to the green movement. The figure is expected to grow to nearly 60 percent in the next 15 years.

Although he does not want to think of it, when the time comes for his 12-year-old Schipperke dogs, White intends to bring them out to the ocean.  “I would prefer to scatter their remains because they love being on the boat,” White said. “It’s in their blood and in my blood.”

Link to original article:  Article No Longer Online.