Honor Guard at Burials At SeaWe offer a military special discount program on attended and unattended memorial ash scattering services and/or full body ocean burials from Maine to Florida and on the West Coast.  Just ask.

NEBAS is the best known company in the U.S. for sea burials and it uses only properly insured and current U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) licensed captains and vessels that have been Sea Burial Certified™ by NEBAS. Active duty, retired and honorable veterans of all branches of the U.S. military are eligible for the NEBAS discount.

NEBAS burials at sea are legal, meet and exceed regulations, are approved per USCG and EPA requirements and the events are easy to plan. NEBAS handles all licensing, required permits and filings with the EPA. For ash scatterings, NEBAS voyages out with family and friends three nautical miles and the family scatters their loved ones cremated remains along with selected clergy if desired to respectfully attend to a loved one’s final wishes with a customized sea tribute service and then returns to port all within about three hours. Traditional Ash Scattering rates include at the close of the service an official parchment sea burial certificate marking the latitude and longitude of a loved ones’ final resting place and prices start at $495.00 for an unattended services. Attended services are available for up to 400 passengers or more. Typical group size is 15-20 people).

The company also voyages off shore to 600+ feet of water for full body burials with their exclusive ocean friendly Atlantic and or Pacific Sea Burial Shroud® for eco-friendly full body committals.

For all events, the trained crew helps the family conduct a dignified and well-thought out memorial service that can be customized to specific needs, wishes, religion or taste. If preferred, a family member or other designated person may conduct all or part of the ceremony. Ocean friendly wreaths, flora, music, poems, readings, prayers, bag pipers, Taps, military cadre’ and other no cost or low cost options are also available. Requests can be accommodated within 24-48 hours, depending upon the weather and season. The service may be attended or unattended and some can be viewed from the shore. Photography of the service is also available and in some cases a live video feed can be simulcast worldwide to family members that may not be able to attend but who can easily log on line to watch the event.

Traditional U.S. Government Military Burial at Sea Consultation Services Available

Traditional United States government free military burial at sea services are offered to and still utilized by active duty, retired, and honorable veterans of all branches of the U.S. military and are performed while the U.S. military vessel is on official deployment maneuvers. Therefore, it is not possible for the family or civilians to be present. The family will be notified by the commanding officer of that vessel of the date time, longitude, and latitude of the committal service. You can contact U.S. Government Military Affairs for details. New England Burials at Sea can also consult and assist families with a government military burial at sea.

“Oftentimes, families of military members would like to honor their loved ones with a military tribute in an attended burial at sea service, and with a traditional U.S. military burial at sea, family and civilians may not be present because the ceremony is performed during a deployment,” explained the company’s founder, Captain Brad White.

He continued, “New England Burial at Sea services gives them the option of an attended military burial at sea. It’s both a privilege and an honor to provide dignified and customized burial at sea services for our military veterans and their families.”

What is required: Your loved one’s DD-214 discharge paperwork.  if you can’t locate it, ask for our record locater service a low cost way to pull from Govt archives availabkle to you.

What is Military Free Burial at Sea?

To sum it up:  If you or a family member are an honorably discharged Veteran of any military division, and you have a DD-214 discharge document, this entitles you to the following (In addition to any other benefits that your funeral provider can supply) at no charge from the US Government.

  • American Flag
  • Dockside Military Honor Guard to fold and present to your designated next of kin on behalf of the President of the United States with an electronic bugler.

 Burial at Sea Military Honors

We also offer a live bugler & bagpiper if desired that can play a variety of tunes (Military and other) for a slight optional fee.

Please note: if you do not have the required documents, you can search though the branch of service that you participated in.  We can also do this for a nominal fee as it can take up to two weeks to secure.

The honor guard will only perform if the paperwork is available.

Should you have any questions, please contact us on our toll free (877) 897-7700.