Many client families have either a commercial, military or sport enthusiast pilot in the family who loved flying. New England Burials at Sea now offers ash scattering over the sea by airplane, to help bring closure to families who wish to honor their loved ones with final flight.

Ash Scatterings by Plane
Capt Brad White (left) and Pilot Ev Cassagneres (Right)
A memorial ash scattering is provided by a specially fitted 1953 high wing Cessna airplane piloted by decorated Korean War veteran Ev Cassagneres of Connecticut, a pilot with over 65 years of flight experience who personally knew Charles Lindbergh and his family. Pilot Cassagneres has developed a special in flight procedure for an all-at-once unattended scattering of cremated remains that can be geo-targeted over coordinates selected by the family, from New York to Maine. He is also a well respected and published author on the topic.

Passenger-ready vintage military aircraft lets people watch the ash scattering from the air.
Pilot Steve Goyette of Massachusetts has been flying for over 35 years and often flies his authentic military low wing airplane, a North American L – 17 War Bird, from Rhode Island to Maine. An accomplished pilot, Goyette is equipped to fly passengers alongside Pilot Cassagneres’ plane to witness the scattering of their loved one’s ashes.

Alternatively, attendees can watch from a boat or shore location near the intended flight scattering path. As it flies over, the plane dips it’s wings in a respectful final salute, and maintains full radio contact with the boat or ground so the family can hear the pilot’s reading of the final Captain’s prayer.

NEBAS is the best known company in the nation for sea burials that uses only properly insured and licensed captains and clean, safe and up to date vessels. We are the best fully licensed and insured professional air scattering operation in the U.S., and the only one in New England, using a precise method of ash scattering by air.